Mantica with hidden kangaroo pocket

This tutorial explains how to slightly adjust the front of the Mantica to get a hidden kangaroo pocket instead of having the entire front as pocket.

Step 1: Take the regular pattern pieces that you would need for the front of the skirt and draw a line a few centimeter under the pocket opening.

Step 2: For the alternative pocket you will need one regular full front with the diagonal cut out pockets, partial front with cut out pockets (the upper half from step 1)  and one partial full front (upper half of step 1).

Step 3: Place the two partial piece on top of each other with the right sides facing each other. Sew the bottom of the pieces together.

Step 4: Place what you sewed in step three upon the full regular front with the diagonal cut out pockets right sides facing each other.  Sew the diagonal lines of the pocket opening.

Step 5: Turn it right sides out and place it flat on the table such that the main front in on top with the right side facing upwards and the contrasting fabric is visible under the pocket opening. The outside shape should now be that of a full skirt part, the same as the back piece. and continue with step 39 from the pattern instructions.

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