Saturday, January 14, 2017

Handmade gifts part six

December came and passed, but I did not have time to show you the hand made gifts that I made this year. All three hand made gifts that I am showing you today are heavily inspired (or copied) from projects that I found on the web. Some nice Pinterest inspiration this time. I had two other miscellaneous sewed projects that did not get blogged yet (that also would make perfect gifts, but my lucky kids just got them), so I combined it all in one post.

The first gift is an man apron. I saw this awesome one, and just had to make something similar. I was under a strict deadline (of course I did not start in time), so I omitted the pockets. It is far from perfect, but it was the idea that counted anyway. This apron was the original project that I cut out of the canvas coupon and from the scraps I created my Irene dress.

This one was pinned a long long time ago. I took the idea, found myself a knot tutorial and sewed a very long hose (over four meter). Filling the hose was the worst part, really horrible experience. I tried to fill it by pulling thick strips of batting though it, but the batting or my pull thread kept breaking. I experienced a lot of frustration that evening, but somehow in the end I got it somewhat okay. It has been almost two months ago since I sewed this, and my adrenaline levels have returned to normal. The pillow became smaller than I had planned, but again, it was the idea that counted right...

The third hand made gift is clearly not sewed and a shameless copy. I only had black porcelain marker at home,but a fellow Big Bang Theory fan still loved it though,

In my fabric stash buster overview post, I mentioned a project sewn with my daughter. My middle one picked a blanket from an inexpensive store and asked me to sew her a hat. shawl and gloves. I still had the Twig and Tale hooded scarf pattern and thought this was the perfect way to try it. My daughter wanted to help and together we sewed her this lovely fluffy thing that she actually wears every day. When she had our shoot for the Christmas dress, we also quickly made some pictures with this one on,

The last project are these adorable bear shoes. When Twig and Tale released their kid sized shoes I made this lovely pair for my son. Needless to day he loves them. I still owe my middle daughter a pair of lady bug boots, I should get on that.

Here you can find the earlier posts of this series: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SisBoom just for me January tour

Today, I am part of the SisBoom "Just for me January" blog tour. The title of the tour is rather self explanatory. We are all sewing something just for ourselves. I picked something I have been planning for a while but just did not get around to. A bit over a year ago I was part of a SisBoom pattern tour for which I made this dress and during the tour I came across somebody sewing a Jaime, and I was immediately sold on the pattern. I know that it is too cold to wear it now, but now I had a great reason to sew one, and I somehow have the tendency to forget sewing myself summer clothes, now I am prepared.

We were allowed to play with the pattern and fabrics, so of course I did. I decided to do another knitification trick and sewed a pattern for woven fabrics in jersey. I therefore picked one size smaller than I should have, according to the measurement table and it worked out great. I used a very drapey fabric, because for me that fits best with a nice summer day. We are in the midst of winter at the moment, so no way that I could have taken outside pictures, but inside it was nice and warm during the shoot. The dress gave me an instant summer feel.

I decided not to make pleats in the waistband, but to just gather the sides of the waistband. The fabric turned out a bit too drapey for that though, the gatherings would have looked better in a bit sturdier fabric but you get the idea. The pattern actually tells you to secure the pleats through a few vertical seams, that also might have been a good idea for this knit gathered dress. I really like the width of the shoulder bands, they nicely cover my bra.

A Jaime can be dressed up or down, great for the beach but in some black fabric it would be a nice cocktail dress as well. I bought this blue fabric last year at Textielstad. Through the first post of the tour I actually  realized that the color is very similar to the trendy Pantome color Niagara, so if spring is going to tread us on some nice warm weather, I will totally trendy.  

To celebrate the tour I am allowed to give away a Jaime pattern. If you would like to be the lucky winner just leave a comment in which you explicitly tell me you would like a chance to win the pattern. No Rafflecopter this time, because I felt some people might be a bit afraid of them. I will pick the lucky winner on the evening of the 18th.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Twinning in Lotte Martens

If you read Flemish blogs (or just look at the beautiful pics), you will know about the fabrics from Lotte Martens. Since 2007, she has her own textile line and her hand printed fabrics would make every sewist drool. I know I have been swooning over her fabrics ever since I saw this, and this, and this dress. Making one of those dresses for myself did not happen though. I am not comfortable yet in making myself woven dresses (on my to do list for 2017). I prefer jersey, it is so much more forgiving. I suppose you can Imagine how happy I was when I found out that Lotte Martens was releasing an organic jersey line in the same email in which I was invited to be in the Lotte Martens winter tour!

For the new fabric line, Lotte designed two prints, one with geometrical shapes and one with spots/dots. They were digitally printed in different color combinations on ether crepe or jersey. It should not surprise you that I chose for the jersey. I picked the geometric rust/blue combi for some selfish sewing. The quality is great, it is nice and heavy and very comfortable to wear. I pre-washed it before sewing and it came as new from my machine.

I knew that it was sewing a dress for me, but I was debating on the pattern. For long I thought about a LMV Lora, then about a LMV Gerda. When I kind a started to lean toward the Gerda she showed her beautiful Gerda version. Yes, I was indeed a true deadline sewer again, I had not cut my fabric on Wednesday afternoon. Than, I decided to make a dress that had a very low likelihood to be used on the tour. I therefore made myself another Kathryn. This dress is one of my most often worn wears. I am like a kid, when it is out of the washing machine I will wear it immediately (no ironing needed). I am super happy with my choice. The fabric print and the pleats work so well together. I again went for long sleeves and I drew my own A line skirt to fit the fabric that I had.

When the package arrived, I turned out to be even luckier than I thought. Besides the Corax fabric that I picked, Lotte added some extra's. One of those was a small piece of this beautiful birds fabric. I wanted to use it to the fullest. I thought about a small bag or wallet, but let's face it, I prefer to sew clothes. So I spend a few weeks, thinking about how I could use it optimally.

The dress I made for my youngest was clearly inspired by the Annaliese that I made last year. I love the style of that dress. Because of the jersey, I drafted my own version of the dress though. Due to time pressure (we are talking Thursday afternoon 15:00, just a few hours before sunset) I omitted playing with a tab (over the middle seam between the gathered and chest piece). I drafted the dress such that I used the entire width of the small fabric pieces that I got. Only a small piece of the uni blue (and one bird did not make the cut). The blue from both fabrics are almost identical and the bronze print from the birds makes the rust colered lines (which resemble the copper perfectly) on the jersey stand out even more. I literally pieced the jersey part of the dress together from the leftover after seeing my dress. Due to the print, the (extra) seams are almost invisible though.

Like her, I went for a mother-daughter shoot. During the shoot, I was struggling with my flash. Batteries turned out to be empty, so some pictures are far from ideal lightning setting, but I feel it still shows off the beautiful fabrics (although they seem a bit more black than blue). The fabrics are at the moment available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, a full list of sale points can be found here. The organic jersey is 1.90 wide and the crepe 1.40 m, due to the digital printing, the fabrics are significantly cheaper than the hand printed ones.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas in December

Do you remember this post from July? In July I participated in a Christmas in July blog tour, but only after I sewed my plan A dress, I realized that I probably misunderstood the point. At that time it was too warm to show you the first Off the Shoulder Dress* that I created, and only showed you the final result. Today, just after regular Christmas, I now showing you how I celebrate Christmas in December.

So, this post was a long time in the making. I sewed the dress in July, made pictures in November, and just before the new year starts I was able to blog about it. Besides the dress being too warm for summer, the dress actually also turned out too small. The super nice quality interlock (that I bought at the Stoffenmadam) was a bit less stretchier than I am used to work with and I had been a bit in denial about my actual size. In November the dress fitted fine though.

This first version of the Off Shoulder dress features the original large cowl neck. I am not used to wearing scarfs or or any accessories for that matter. Therefore I have to get used a bit to the size of the cowl. At first,  I felt huge while wearing it. Looking at the pictures though, I am very satisfied with the look. It looks nice, especially for special occasions.

Seeing, I already talked about the details of this dress in the previous post, I decided to dedicate the rest of this post to my stash management. In November I signed up for a little challenge. To sew 10 meter before the end of the year, counting from the weekend of November 12. So this is what I sewed  in a little bit than 5 weeks (we were away for a week last week). I put them in chronological order because the current blog post proves that my blog order is not always my sewing order. I am not 100% sure it is 10 meter, but I think it comes pretty close, especially because I have some sewing planned for tomorrow as well.

Item 1 + 2: Fawn and Sparrow
Item 3: Unblogged (for now) Flare pants
Item 4 + 5: Folis dress en Orbis pants
Item 6 + 7: Unblogged (for now) Secret Santa gifts
Item 8: Irene dress
Item 9: The Louis
Item 10: The Annaliese dress
Item 11 + 12: Divided dresses
Item 13: Maggie dress
Item 14: Ugly sweater dress
Item 15: Unblogged (for now) scarf hood together with my daughter
Item 16: Project for my son that has to remain a secret for a while

For next year, I actually made a new year's sewing resolution. Like her, I will explicitly keep track of the fabrics that I will use next year. I will do it through a gadget in the right menu that will become active in two days. I will keep track of the amount of fabric that I buy and use. Research shows that people eat less when they are counting the amount of times they swallow. Let's see if my keeping track can decrease my fabric shopping the same way. I wish you a great day tomorrow and already the best wishes for next year!

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ugly Sweater Blog Party

You know, I always love a good blogger party. Today, I am part of the Ugly Sweater Blog Tour organized by Petite Stitchery & Co. The official idea for the tour was to upcycle an ugly Christmas sweater into something beautiful. The problem with this plan was that I did not own anything resembling an ugly Christmas sweater. Of course I could buy one, but I felt that defeated the purpose. So, I put my own frugal spin on the challenge (after getting permission to ski off piste) and I love the result.

I first planned to use another piece of this fabric. Than I realized I was planning to sew for my middle daughter and she still fits the first dress with that fabric, I went a different route. I picked a glitter fabric from my closet, one that was originally going to be a selfish sew, and turned it into a dress. I did a little pattern mash up, I used the flutter shoulders from the Sapphire and the dress from the Mistletoe pattern (with circle skirt of course). They worked together like a charm. I even like how the backside of the fabric gives a lovely contrast to the pink. These two patterns are a killer combi!

I do not know much about ugly Christmas sweaters but I am under the impression that it is intended to be an over the top look (glitter is a nice start for an over the top look right) with some Christmas elements. I wanted to make a dress that my girl could wear in January as well (which is a bit weird with the dress I made her last year, but she pulls it off). I therefore went for a more subtle Christmas print. I decided to go for a reindeer. I once told you I salvaged some black and gold flex foil from the bin (they were somebody else's leftover and I asked permission). It was already peeled from the plastic, but I saw potential (especially because the backs had a clear distinctive color). I already successfully used it for this ghost look, and this time I used it to make the reindeer print. I feel that counts as upcycling right, it would have been thrown away. I still have a significant amount of that flex left, so it will make its appearance on the blog again.

My kids recently discovered Pixelhobby. The idea is the same as Ministeck. On the web you can find many small designs for medallions, and I used one of those pictures for the print. I had googled " pixelhobby Christmas" and quickly found this reindeer picture. With a ruler and my rotatory cutter I cut small gold and black squares (sides of half a centimeter). I put them in the right position (which was surprisingly quick) and ironed them down. One of the squares from the antler mis-positioned, but besides that, whole thing worked like a charm.

Seeing that Ugly Sweaters should be over the top, I decided to add a layer of tulle to the dress. It was a coupon that I bought from Madeline de Stoffenmadam, because I wanted to recreate this look. Needless to say, my girl loves the dress. The circle skirt and tulle combi create a perfect twirl. The glitter French Terry, that I used as main fabric is from Lillestoff and was bought at Joyfits last year.

Inspired? If you link up your own Petite Stitchery ugly sweater creation here, also, do not forget to fill in the Rafflecopter, you might win a prize!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Maggie release

On Tuesday, I saw a sneak of Bella Sunshine Designs* newest pattern, the Maggie dress. The dress looked great it reminded me of the fact that I need new winter dresses. I lost 14 kilo's since the summer and I wanted to celebrate that with a new dress. So, I asked Melissa (the designer) if I could sew one even though I did not actually test it. If I could show my dress of today, I could, so here I am today showing you my newest closet jewel.

Do you remember this dress from the spring? Unfortunately, It does not fit that nicely anymore (although clothes being to big is less painful than being too small), but one of the great things of that pattern was the fact that it comes with different bust sizes. The Maggie*, the pattern that I am showing you today also has a full bust adjustment included. So that means you just print and glue the chest pieces that are perfect for you. I really love that about Bella Sunshine designs and I am very much looking forward to their future patterns.

For the sizing I of course followed the measurement table and the fit was spot on. I did not have to change anything after wards. I started cutting my pattern tiles pieces around half past eight and convinced my husband to make pictures around half past 10 (yes at night, so my apologies for the somewhat lower picture quality). I managed to cut, glue cut fabric and sew all in less than two hours. I wore the dress to work the next day (which included Christmas dinner, so no way I could have made pictures the next day). I made the dress with a thick jacquard jersey from Textielstad. I bought it a few months ago already, and it is already sold out.

The pattern* just released and is now on release sale for just $5. The pattern also included a tunic and shirt length, and comes in long and short sleeves, a true all-seasons pattern. You can find the pattern in the Bella Sunshine Designs shop here*.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Divided dress release

A jersey dress packed with color blocking options, The new Divided dress* is a design to my heart! The newest pattern from Jennuine Designs* is a quick and fun sew and super practical for all those small scraps of jersey that you have been hording. I tested the shawl collar option and I am (accidentally) showing you two dresses today. The final cowl version has been tweaked a bit more (lowered a bit for example), such that everything is perfect.

The divided dress has two bodice types, one faux raglan sleeve like and a shawl collar one. I tested the shawl collar. I submitted my youngest one for the test, searched some scraps from earlier projects and sewed a dress. The dress turned out big, and did not fit my smallest model, but it did fit my middle daughter. The mistake was all mine. For the first time ever, my printer was set on scale to fit paper! Every sewers nightmare, I was so lucky that it perfectly fitted my middle one. It could have been a total disaster. Besides double checking my printer options, I learned something else, for this design you need a very stable knit for the bodice. The main fabric I used was a bit thinner than the shawl fabric and that created some waving. Of course the shawl pieces did not fit as intended, but I made it work anyway, and my middle one loves the dress.

The dress supports huge pockets, although they are rather small on the outside, your daughter will be able to gather a lot of treasures in them. You know how much my kids like pockets! In the final design the pockets are a bit more visible from the front, because the A line shape became a bit narrower than in my dresses.

The second dress that I made, fitted my smallest daughter perfectly. I was able to use a treasured narrow coupon that I bought for the dress (the flower lions), so I was super excited about the fabric combi. At the time of the shoot, I did not yet top stitch the neckline (it was not written in the pattern, but afterwards I did). The neckline is now really nice and smooth. So besides using you best knits for the bodice, I advice to top stitch (it is listed as optional in the pattern now). My girls clearly had a lot of fun during their shoot.

I did not sew the other option of the dress, the ones that I saw the testers sew blew me away though! The listing has an example of both dresses, so make sure to check that one out. The pattern* is on release sale now for just $5 in the Jennuine Designs web shop*. The rest of the shop (bundles and printed pattern excluded) is 20% off with code DIVIDEDRELEASE all through Dec 19.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.