Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nivalis for a teen

I have been busy the last months and my blog shows this. I was busy with my work and drafted the Permeo, but now, as fo many of you my life is forcefully calming down. Over last months I did sew, though, and I want to start showing you my creations again.

My refound motivation to blog might also be induced by our eldest, who somehow did not like the pictures of herself in the previous pajama blog post. I will pick up my blogging in chronological order, starting with the projects that I sewed in October.

To soothe our eldest’s worries, I am starting with her. She is growing very fast these days and outgrew all her dresses from last winter. She still loves to wear dresses, and I sewed three adult Nivalis dresses for her. Three times the same pattern, but very different dresses.

The bunny version is a panel from Stenzo, I will show the other half later because that also got turned into a dress. The bordeaux one is velvet from Nooteboom. It is super soft and stays pretty wash after wash. The animal print version is paper velvet, also from Nooteboom.

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