Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Starting sewing with knits

Ever since I was a child I had a bucket list in my head of what a mother should be able to do when it comes to crafts. I felt that I had to be able to do all the things my mother could, or else I would be lacking as a mom (which is of coures totally not true, but that was my view).  I have a broadly talented mother so on my crafts bucket list were: sewing, crocheting, knitting, baking pies and baking pancakes.

In the sewing department I was not satisfied with my skills.  I taught myself to work with a sewing machine but I did not feel that I understood how to modify patterns to make fitted clothes. I made a few dresses for my daughter from cotton almost a year ago  but I wanted to learn more.

I bought a sewing magazine at my local fabric store at bought fabric online and simply started with one of the dresses and I was addicted! Addicted on sewing knits and addicted on sewing in general. The magazine I bought was Ottobre and I love it. Although one magazine can deliver a whole wardrobe, my "collect them all" instinct kicked in immediately and I had to have all Ottobres ever made.

The fabric that I bought was from Lillestoff and they have such fun prints. Their fabric line consists of biological cotton knits and regularly new prints come out. When looking around on their website for the first time, I could not choose what to buy. I decided to simply buy a surprise box and hope for the best, I was not disappointed.
The pictures are from the first three projects I made. I made them on a "regular" sewing machine without a special stretch stitch (I used a small zigzag). I quickly started to cut up pattern pieces to make my own adjusted patterns and bought a lock machine. Sewing with knits for my kids (who are not that demanding when it comes to how pretty a bias collar looks like) even made me confident enough to sew some for myself! But I am not confident enough to blog about that.

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