Friday, August 4, 2017

Misusu's Dia

So, right after I discovered the awesome Misusu patterns, I started on a Dia Sweater. After cutting the pattern I tested their Louise and somehow the Dia just remained where it was. It might be because of my preferred relationship with my serger (my sewing machine is clearly my lesser loved machine) or I was simply intimidated by all the small pieces of the diamond. It probably was a combination of both.

For me it is a "self preservation thing" (Love Actually movie reference) to only have one sewing project cut and ready to go. I tend to loose interest quickly, and a cut project becomes a UFO (unfinished project), but this Dia sweater just kept begging me to be finished. My procrastination was finally stopped when I decided to just go for it on my serger. I settled for potential imperfect and just sewed all those tiny triangles together.

If you look closely the diamond is indeed not perfect, but I LOVE it. With my serger the whole front probably did not take more than 20 minutes and it is good enough for me. The biggest issue creating imperfectness is probably that I did manage to sew two seams in the wrong direction. To create a perfectly flat diamond, you seams have to all lay flat and sewing one in the opposite direction as a previous one forces you to "clip"it.

Although the diamond is clearly the eye catcher, I love the puffed sleeves as well. With regular sleeves (included in the pattern), the pattern is more suitable for boys. My short sleeves are by the way a small hack, the pattern only contains long sleeves. The designer of Misusu is at the moment enjoying time with her newborn, but drawing the Dia sweater in bigger sizes is on her to do list. When sewing a bigger one for my eldest, I will again use my serger, if you are like me, than that is totally a viable option.

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