Arctic Racer hack: one sided rushing

With this tutorial you can turn the two sided rushed Arctic racer dress into a one sided rushed version. You can see more pictures of my first three versions here.

Step 1: Print and cut a rushed front and a regular back piece.

Step 2: Align the bottom of both pieces and mark/transfer the lower "rushing mark" on the back piece. Remove the flare part front the skirt by cutting away the blue triangle from the back piece.

Step 3: Align the top of the pieces at the arm hole and mark/transfer the upper "rushing mark" on the back piece.

Step 4: Now you have a created two marks on your back piece between which the rushes will fall.

My one sided rushed version was actually sewn with an earlier test version of the pattern. Both front and back pieces were flared. You could recreate that specific look by first only cutting the back piece (in step one). In step 2, you draw the flare onto the front dress part at the bottom, and than cut the front part of the dress and continue to step 3. You will then end up with the next picture instead.

Step 5: Cut your fabric and sew the shoulder seams. Now take the front piece. Use a long stitch (dial the tension to one) on your sewing machine and sew a stitching line between the rushing marks. Do this for both sides. Now carefully pull on both ends to actually rush the fabric. You could make two or even three stitch lines to make a more even rushing. Keep pulling the treads until the rushed pieces are as tall as the marks you made on your back piece.

Step 6: Pin the rushed front to the back piece, make sure your rushing falls between the marks you made at the beginning.

Step 7: Sew your side seams. I personally prefer to have the rushed side on top, this way I have more control over them. I can rearrange them a bit when necessary.

Step 8:Remove your gathering thread and finish the dress as explained in the instructions.

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