Circle skirt hemming part two

Girls love circle skirts, but hemming them can be a horrible time consuming task, especially in jersey where you need a wide hem. I am always on the lookout for techniques that make my sewing easier and I recently read about a lovely trick for hemming circle skirts. I can not find the blog post any more, but if it was yours, just email me and I will give you credit (I believe it was in Dutch).

Step 1: Serge the edge of your circle skirt and find the left needle thread. I should have serged the other side of the fabric for your convenience, than the treads would have been more visible on the picture. The easiest way to find your left needle is using a different thread. My serger actually has a bit thicker thread in the left needle, so I can easily find it. Here is a clearer picture that I found on the web, the left needle is the yellow colored one.

Step 2: Pull every 10-15 centimeter on you left needle stitching to gather your fabric. Create a loop of about 7-10 centimeter, this does not have to be exact, you will make it perfect in a later stage. After pulling around the entire skirt your fabric will automatically curve inwards.

Step 3: Now put the skirt on your ironing board and start ironing down the seam allowance. Just pull the created loops a bit more if it is not curved enough or pull on the fabric a bit to curve less. Go round the entire skirt, this takes me less than 10 minutes, less time than it would take me to pin and much less frustrating.

Step 4: Sew down the seam allowance and cut of all the long treads.

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  1. WOW! What a cool method! Thanks so much for sharing!