Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finally trousers: Small Fry 2T

I mentioned it last month already, my son needs trousers, very slim trousers. Although he is five, he has the waist of a 2 year old. He has the length of a(n almost ) five year old which creates major fitting issues with store bought trousers. To make the issue even worse, he also has a very sensitive skin and prefers "soft trousers". I made him a few trousers from jersey in the past. He loved them, but they always looked liked pyjama pants no matter how many pockets I sewed on them.

I was kind a dreading the whole trouser issue they seemed like a lot of more work than a dress and much less fun. I love the way my daughters dance in their dresses, their happy faces while spinning, but trousers... are  kind a boring. So I thought.

I came across the Skinny Fry trousers last week. The trousers are a fun pattern by themselves, but the fact that the 2T is free makes them even better. I drew my pattern pieces longer to fit my son longer length but kept all the other sizes as the original. I made the trousers from one of my own old trousers, which were made of stretchy cord fabric apparently was sleeping while cutting because I was making mistake on mistake. By mistake I three times cut the right front pocket! I realized after cutting the second that I made a mistake and luckily found another spot to cut the left pocket from, but somehow again cut a right one! Than of course I ran out of good spot to cut fabric from en decided to add a jersey fabric printed right pocket (with a stretchy cord facing). I really overestimated the amount of good fabric I had and also had to cut the back pocket from the jersey (I had a bad spot on my trousers that I could use for facing but not as a main fabric part). To make it a theme I added some extra jersey on the front of the pants behind the other pocket as well. My son is a lefty and I therefore put the back pocket on his left cheek.

While sewing I was amazed how much I liked constructing the jeans. I liked it some much that when I realized I had also cut two left back legs (insert scream) I did not throw the whole away. I just went back to my jersey fabric and cut an entire left leg (and used the wrong left leg as a facing.

Like I said earlier I did not make real trousers before and therefore did not realize the difference in waist band construction between girl and boy trousers. I naively thought that I could just use that part of my waistband which had the button on it and shorten the other side. This of course did not workout because boy pants cross over the waistband exactly the other way around. If I would have realized this earlier I would have just made girl fly instead of a boy fly (really we are relatively gender neutral around here and a "bad" direction fly easily fits with my sons love for pink, flowers or happy prints).

I added some adjustable elastic in the back to be sure the trousers would stay on his tiny waist  (unbelievable but I really needed it turned out when he put them on). After cutting the button of the waistband I decided to use snaps matching the color of the jersey print. I finished the side of the waist band the lazy way, adding some more matching color.

When my son saw the trousers he immediately loved them. He was a bit bummed out when he saw the jersey leg at the back... he would have preferred it on the front. As you can see the trousers are great for playing, jumping and goofing around. I loved sewing them and more will follow. I immediately bought a Cisse pattern now it is still on promotion sale today!

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