Thursday, October 23, 2014

KCW day3: Pillow case dress

I am a member of a Dutch sewing Facebook group. In the last week a lot of people are sewing cloths from (cheap) animal printed pillow cases. I was not convinced from the start by after seeing some wonderful creations I jumped on the bandwagon. I just knew my kids would love them, and that is what matters most. I know there are much better and prettier fabrics out there, but I have an enormous stash of all kinds of fabrics that I have to sew up before buying new, but 1 euro pillow cases which include a zipper I could not pass on.

 On day 3 of KCW I had friends over, and during their visit I cut the fabric for this dress. Cutting is not sewing but I was planning on bending this rule a bit. But after they left, I decided to just "quickly" sew up the dress. Quickly and sewing is usually not a great combination especially due to that fact that the day was nearing its the end. This resulted in having to take out the blind zipper two times and having to unpick a seam but I just finished before midnight.

As expected my middle daughter loves the dress. The dress is a bit shorter than I planned, so it might have move to my youngest in the near future. After seeing the dress, my five year old son tried to convince me that a short dress like this could also work for a boy. We are very liberal when it comes to clothes but wearing a dress outside is over the line, even for me. Fortunately, I had already cut him a sweater as an alternative, which I will sew up tonight.

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