Thursday, April 27, 2017

Knock it off tour, Gucci inspired

Sprouting JubeJube and Lulu & Celeste again joined forces to bring you a tour. The theme of the tour is one that I have been wanting to be part of long, a "knock off tour". I personally love to see how one garment can inspire to make another. There are different takes in such a tour, making a sold out garment, or one in just your color, but I went for knocking of expensive. I was inspired by a Gucci dress of $1250 dollars.

First, I was planning to make an exact copy, but in the end I went with heavily inspired. Both my fabrics and pattern are not a copy of the original but I still feel it has the same essence. Let's start with talking about the pattern. For me, the pussy bow was screaming Laure dress from Straight Grain. I was planning to add two extra skirts, but I actually liked original Laura drop waist design better than the Gucci one, so it turned out to be a very easy knock off.

I did change a few things though. I left of the sleeves, but I did not do any redraftig there. The dress immediately was a very pretty sleeveless. I doubled the entire bodice for a pretty finish. The main layer is the lace and the "lining"is the dark blue uni colored fabric. The two fabrics are so dark and the lace is rather think, so you do not notice the seam allowance through the lace. I kept the back closure of the Laure and even the blind zipper does not obviously show through the lace.The lace skirt is doubled, so I did not have to finish the skirt at the bottom.

The original Gucci top layer was not lace but tulle. I love working with good quality soft tulle, I made these two dresses with it (one still unblogged), but unfortunately the Stoffenmadam did not have such dark blue tulle. Neither could I find anything similar at Textielstad, and tulle is one of those fabrics that I want to buy live and not online because the feel differs a lot. This lace was the best substitute and in the end I probably prefer it over tulle. It has a nice sturdy luxurious feel.

An advantage of using the think lace was that I could actually iron on flex foil. I fear that tulle would have melted, but I am not sure of course. I bought two colors of glitter flex at Plot4Fun, and cut a lot of small round with my Silhouette. I added the template here in case you ever would like to do something similar.I ended up with many more dots that I needed, but I am sure, I will be able to use the additional dots in the future on some nice Mosaic. My dots are bigger than the original and there are less of them, I felt it fitted better with the lace like this.

I am of course not alone in this tour. I am rather at the end, so there are many other beautiful makes that you can already check out.

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  1. Replies
    1. Dank je, ook een leuke "challenge" voor de volgende keer.

  2. I love how you made it your own, I really see the Gucci inspiration in what you've created!

  3. Heel erg leuk geworden! Ze kan zo naar een poepchic feestje

  4. Waw zeg, echt dé max!! Super goed gedaan, dit is uniek, proficiat!

    1. haha, leuk compliment "uniek" op een namaaksel ;)

  5. You did such a great job with this dress. Yes, An's pattern was a great choice!

  6. ooh I want a Silhouette now. That's so cool! I want to try something like that. The dress is beautiful btw :)