Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fibre Mood, issue one the Phoenix

I always like sewing up new patterns, a new outlet of many new future patterns is therefore something I find worth celebrating. Fibre Mood is just that, a new source of future inspiration. Yesterday, the first paper mood book fell on the doormat of the Belgian subscribers and let's hope that it is the start of many inspirational new patterns. Fibre mood not just equals new patterns, but actually a new sewing community. If you want to learn more, hop over to their website and sign up. There you can also get the free Frances pattern for women.

To celebrate the first Fibre Mood issue, bloggers were invited to sew up one of the patterns from that particular issue. I chose for the Phoenix, a sweater to start the winter wardrobe of our quickly growing son. In the pattern the shoulder seam is shifted to the front, and to show off this feature I put a strip of jersey in between the seam. If you make the back of the sweater in a different fabric than the front, you can easily create a nice color blocking effect on the front without sewing an extra seam compared to a standard sweater.

To decorate your sweater, Fibre Mood also supplies illustratons of four funny animals wearing clothes. You can embroider  them on your garments or cut them from flex foil. You know me, I always have to hack a bit, so I actually used the print to make a screen print. I decided to only print the head and I did make some minor adjustments such that I do not have any loose pieces in my stencil. Still, the result looks very much like the original drawing. I printed it with my Bobbinhood kit and metalic golden ink.

The pattern is drawn for sweater fabrics, but it worked fine in the French Terry that I used. A little less puffy as the pattern describes it itself, but still nice and warm. Our son was exactly in between a size 8 and 10, and seeing that I am sewing for winter I made a 10. The fit turned out perfect, so not too big as I feared. I would therefore advice to size up when in doubt about the size.

As I mentioned before, I was clearly not the only one that sewed up one of the Fibre Mood patterns. Several bloggers sewed up their version and you can find them gathered nicely together on the Fibre Mood link up party from 0:01 am Thursday morning on the Fibre Mood site.


  1. een hele leuke geworden met die zeefdrukopdruk erop, klaar voor het nieuwe schooljaar zou ik zo zeggen

  2. Ik twijfelde ook over zeefdrukken - tot dochterlief me die beslissing uit handen nam door 'te staan' op een stof met print. Schoon exemplaar - hier viel de trui wel eerder ruim uit, met eerder korte mouwen ;)

  3. heel toffe versie, leuke kleurencombinatie!