Friday, September 5, 2014

Julia (n) sweater and more

Since last winter my sons limbs have grown in length but not to much in width. The means that especially the arms of some of his shirts are becoming too short. I gladly jumped on the "growing" issue and created three new shirts (to start with).

For a while I wanted to try the Julia sweater pattern of Compagnie M because I assumed that he would especially like the pouch in which his hands can touch. Although the pattern has a girly name I think it works great for boys as well. The pouch it not very visible lying flat like this but it is a great feature. I felt that this robot fabric which contains both boy and girl robots would work for boys and girls. We are trying to raise our kids relatively gender neutral and my son does not object to having some girls on his shirt, but I can not totally convince myself yet somehow. Why is it that having a 50% girl robot population and one flower among male robots makes a fabric kind a girly somehow? It seems that I also need some gender natural re-raising.

Using more Lillestoff I created a firemen and a policemen shirt. For both I used the same Ottobre raglan pattern but the police shirt is spiced up by asymmetrically cutting the front panel and adding a pocket. I also added a small matching application by cutting it from the police fabric.

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