Monday, September 8, 2014

Louisa dress

Today a friend sent me a message that Compagnie M is searching for testers! After reading the tester call I became even more excited. Marte is searching for people sewing for boys and coincidentally I have a cute small boy in need of pants.

Like I mentioned he has grown a lot and besides shirts he needs trousers. My son is does not a throw anything on type and he is especially very difficult when it comes to pants. He has a very sensitive skin and prefers to be in "home" pants all the time. I have sewn him a few jersey trousers and although some had pockets it just does not resemble a normal pair of trousers. Sewing him trousers has been om my to do list for more than a year but somehow I kept putting it of. Last week I actually bought him three cotton trousers, he liked the fabric a lot but the trousers were very wide. Besides his sensitive skin the second reason why I should sew him pants is that he is very skinny compared to his length (judging from store bought pant sizes). 

A few weeks ago I have sewn a Louise dress and I did not show that one yet. Hoping to convince to make me one of her testers I will dedicate the rest of this post to the jersey Louisa dress. My son is actually photo bombing here, making the composition of the picture a bit awkward.

About a year ago I bought this dog jersey fabric at Joyfits. I bought half a meter because I was planning to make it into a shirt for my son. Somehow the fabric did not make it into my sons wish list and the fabric remained on the pile. In the meantime my three year old daughter decided she only wants to wear dresses and skirts. She mostly owns hand me downs from her older sister and brother and that combined wardrobe did not contain much of any of those (Until four, my daughter wore pants because I thought they were more convenient, when she started school she got her own opinion about cloths and trousers were not worn again). I am still very much on a jersey loving cloud and therefor created jersey Louisa dress. It could have been even a bit smaller but my
daughter loves it and that is enough.

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