Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A BAG, I sewed a bag!

You know that I like to have variety in my sewing. I will usually mix and match and hack patterns to keep myself inspired but almost all my sews are clothes. That means that there is a big spectrum of sewing projects that I (almost) never sew, one of those project types is bags. I assume it is because I am not really a bag person. For me a bag is purely functional. I am not an accessories person in general, shoes for example fall in the same purely practical category for me. I usually have one bag in rotation, and only when it breaks I will search for a new one.

However, due to the most recent One Thimble, I got intrigued by the concept of bag sewing. One Thimble 15* has the Military messenger bag pattern* and I immediately fell in love with the asymmetrical shape of the flap. I just had to try one. One other reason why I am not into bag sewing is because I do not like to spend money on bag hardware. I am a spur of the moment kind of sewist and do not own much bag hardware. Having to buy all the pieces would mean a true plan. So, I adjusted some things.

Instead of an adjustable shoulder band, I measured the optimal length of the shoulder band on my current bag and simply made that length. I am very pleased with it, the only moment that I adjust the band on my current bag is when it has unintentionally slipped down, which is actually impossible with this new bag. I did not use any interfacing and just chose a heavy weight fabric for the outside. I had some lovely Art Gallery canvas fabric left from when I sewed this coat and some leftover from when I sewed this dress became the lining.

I love pockets, so I played with those on the bag. Instead of using the pouch pockets, I made simple zipper pockets. The front now can hold my phone and keys. I also made an inside pocket for other items that I would like to  find quickly, like my wallet. The inside pocket should have been on the other side (at the back of the bag). But it does not really bother me. I probably do not have to tell you that my new gemm has replaced my older rotation bag.


  1. Leuk patroon! Vooral die zakjes in de voorkant maken 'm bijzonder!

  2. Tassen moeten vooral functioneel zijn. Ik volg je daarin volledig. Mijn handtas wordt ook enkel vervangen als ze zowat uit elkaar valt ;-)
    Maar dit exemplaar is ook gewoon mooi!