Wednesday, July 18, 2018

PR&P Shop tour: Dressage leggings

Already almost two years ago, wow where did the time go, I participated as a contestant on Project run and play. For years it had been a  dream for me to participate. Even though I did not make it to the second round, participating in PR&P was a big win for me. I had wanted to participate in PR&P because from the moment that I discovered sewing blogs, PR&P made me want to hack and be extra creative. PR&P is still doing that for many beginning and experienced sewers and they want to strengthen their role by opening a pattern shop. Contestants that created a pattern based on their original PR&P look are now neatly collected there. To celebrate the new shop there is a blog tour to show off all the patterns.

I have the honor to show the dressage leggings by Jenuine Designs. Today's leggings are not the first dressage leggings that I sew up. I sewed them for our youngest and middle one before (the middle one's never made the blog, they were snatched up before I could make pictures). At that time I made only the plain option so for today I of course went for the color blocked as well and Iin the spirit of PR&P even squeezed out a small hack.

The dressage leggings have two options in rise type, making these leggings perfect both for diaper wearing and bigger kids. The diaper wearing period is way behind us, so we went with regular rise.The pattern comes in two more options, regular leggings and color blocked ones. The dressage leggings are a part of a line that is horse riding inspired and these leggings were created to mimic the effect op leggings that need other, more stronger material where is touches the horse to provide better saddle grip. For non-horse riders like us, it gives nice options to play with fabrics.

You could easily make a three way colored leggings, by giving the cut outs on both sides a different color. Our rainbow loving kids would have liked that as well, but I went a different way. In a small hack I only used the front color block and just kept the back as a whole. It is all about strategically placing both pattern pieces on each other when you cut. It really is not hard. I noticed before that our kids' leg with/waist ratio is non-standard. In our case that meant that going width height gave the leggings the best fit, instead of going with waist.

To celebrate the shop opening there is a special discount this week on all  “Separates", resulting in the pattern being 20% off, sales will ne rare, so make sure you use this opportunity! There also is a give away, filll in the raffle copter to get a chance of getting an awesome set of gifts. Giveaway ends August 1st.  There will be 5 (random) winners for the following prizes:

$50 gift certificate to DH Fabrics and Co.
1 dress pattern from the Project Run & Play shop
1 separates pattern from the Project Run & Play shop
1 outerwear pattern from the Project Run & Play shop
1 accessories pattern from the Project Run & Play shop

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