Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Goldie from Fibre Mood

Today, the second Fibre mood edition is launched, fifteen sewing patterns and two knit patterns and I was allowed to pick something to show you on release day. With my need for quick gratification, I again went for a sewing pattern. Picking one was hard, I finally picked Goldie, a top with an interesting sleeve detail, but I was strongly doubting between the Goldie, Gigi, a cool pair of trousers or one of the women patterns like the Kamille.

We were allowed to hack and I did so by decreasing the amount of pattern pieces that I needed to cut. The Goldie is designed to have a woven facing and to have a button placket on the shoulder. I prefer either a binding or sewing the neckline down over a facing, I therefore chose for sewing the neckline down to make that our version of the Goldie close to the original pattern. I cut the non-placket side of both front and back both on the fold to get rid of the placket pieces. I did a similar simplifying hack at the bottom, instead of working with a facing to make a casting for the elastic, I drew 2.5 centimeter hem allowance and after closing the elastic to a loop, I sewed it on the bottom, folded it inwards and stitched it in place with a zigzag.

Our Goldie is sewn with Punta fabric and I intentionally picked a uni colored fabric because I thought that that would show off the sleeve detail best.The version of the instructions that we received did not have a drawing of how the sleeve should look like which meant that I was feeling a bit like magician following the steps without actually knowing what would come out. Only after I finished making pictures did I see the line drawing of the sleeve detail. I realized that I had to pull the fabric a bit extra to the inside. Easy fix, but our pictures where done and with the current early darkness and non-amused teen I could not reshoot properly. But I have this extra shot of how it looked after a small pull. I decided to show you my close up anyway, because this way you know that if it looks like this, you have done it okay, just one step removed from the final result.

I made a size 12 for our almost eleven year old and the fit is perfect. You can buy the Goldie as a separate pattern or as part of a seventeen in one bundle deal. Either way, you find more information about getting the pattern here.

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