Sunday, November 11, 2018

Another Bazinga

A year ago, I sewed a Bazinga back pack for a back to school tour. I sewed it mostly because I wanted to try it, I wanted to see if I could do it. I sewed it with our youngest in mind, but the back pack turned out a bit big for her. Our eldest has been using it every day since than. This daily reminder to the other kids that mommy can sew back packs led to my son asking for one of his own. He indeed needed a new back pack, but I was not sure if I wanted to sew another bag, I still am on the fence when it comes to bag sewing in general. I even tried to sell him on the idea of a store bought bag. But he was clear, he wanted a mommy made, one with many pockets.

Many pockets... I considered for a moment designing my own, but quickly decided to just sew another Bazinga. I think my biggest problem with sewing bags is that they are made with woven fabrics. Woven fabrics just are not my go to fabric. I have some awesome prints in my stash, but I strongly prefer working with knits. A long long time ago I got some awesome dino fabric from Droomstoffen, such a cool print that I did not dare to cut it. Our son decided he is not wearing woven shirts, so I did not know how to use it to the fullest. For this bag I only used a tiny amount, The rest is now again waiting for the next special project. I have at least three more very cool boy fabrics that are waiting for something special.

Besides the awesome Dino fabric the bag contains a small amount of this fabric, a bit of orange cord fabric that I once won somewhere and a very big load of upcycled denim. I cut into three different jeans to make almost the entire inside, the back, the straps and that small pocket on the front. Color wise the whole thing became a bit too wild, even for my taste. The color balance is a bit off and I think that the small dark blue pocket is a big cause of that but, come on, it was too perfect not too use it as the extra front pocket. I got three pockets without no effort at all. I had not planned to, I just saw after cutting some other pieces that that pocket piece under the waistband for the perfect piece for that front part.

I squeezed in two extra pockets in one on the inside of the bag as well. Yes, that extra inside pocket is not straight, but my son really does not care and and I could not angle it differently due to earlier cuttings from those jeans. I had been planning to sew the bag for weeks, but the fact that there was a denim upcycle challenge in the Flosstyle group finally made me do it. I actually won a free pattern with it, so somewhere in the coming weeks I hope to be able to show you an Alice tea set, the pattern that I chose as my price. Another great pattern to sew with some of my woven treasures.

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