Sunday, May 19, 2019

Advena summer dresses

Usually, our middle daughter does NOT asks for a dress. She prefers shirts and tunics combined with bottoms. But, now that the temperatures are rising, she has developed a renewed love for dresses, because a dress can be worn as a stand alone garment. No bottoms needed. In the winter you need leggings or tights, so then she does not see the value of dresses, but now, that her legs can be bare, she requested dresses.

The Advena dress that I sewed a few weeks ago is a huge hit at the moment, so I decided to sew two more. She prefers short dresses (she would easily wear a tunic as dress), which is not in line with my sewing style. I like to sew a rather long dress, easily under the knee, such that it will fit for two years. But because of her love for tunics, I know these dresses will simply be worn as tunics next year, which is why I agreed to sewing, in my book, rather short dresses.

On Friday a huge order from Joyfits arrived. She was having a kilo sale and I bought 10 kilo fabric. On my Instagram you can see how that looks. The arrival of the new fabric prompted me to rearrange my fabric stash a bit, including my fabric scraps. Rearranging the fabric and the inflow of new inspiration was apparently just what I needed because I sewed five dresses this weekend.

Among the fabrics that I bought, I also bought a panel with four different (baby) prints on it. The panels are the perfect size for the Advena middle body piece. She picked this astronaut tiger and then pulled the planet fabric from the fabrics that I recently bought for our son. Planets and astronauts go very well together according to her. I picked the striped magic fabric myself because they reminded me of tiger stripes. Inside they are only tiger stripes, but outsides the colored splashes combine very well with the plant spots. I finished the dress with a golden lycra nekband which matches perfectly with the golden elements in the planet fabric.

The other Advena was sewn from fabric remnants only. Her sister recently got a dress with the flower fabric and she told me she also waned something with that fabric. I had a hard time coming up with another interesting matching print besides the stripes. Finally, I went with uni pink but sewed three butterflies from the flower fabric on it. I had first sewed some flowers on it as well, but she told me I embellished too much, so those I removed again. She was right of course, this is better. She has a good designer eye.

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