Saturday, May 11, 2019

Regina times two

Let's continue the dress cuteness that I started last time with the two Solisses that I sewed for our youngest. Today, I will show you the two Regina's that she gained during our sewing weekend. One, regular Regina bodice combined with the circle skirt from the Solis ( I love the mix and match options) and one Regina with a color blocked bodice.

A few months ago, I ordered a few of those magical applications. Our youngest expressed her love for them on a regular basis, but seeing as I do not buy much retail, she did not have any of those in her wardrobe. The striped Regina is the first project with one of those applications. The Regina patterns is perfect for fabrics with not so much recovery because the fit is more relaxed than the Solis. I therefore could use the magical sun coloring fabric again. Double magic in one dress.

The second Regina is  a hacked tunic. I had to add a color block in the bodice due to fabric constraints. The Regina has the same bodice front and back, and because I put the neckline ribbing seam at the shoulder, she can decide how she wants to wear the tunic, either with the color block at the front or at the back. She regularly changes her mind about which option she likes more.

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