Saturday, November 19, 2016

Head wear releases

In the last weeks, I tested two head wear patterns, both released this week. Both are packed with options and both are still very different. Seeing that I have a few other posts planned already, I decided to just show both patterns at once. Like a true pattern junky, I could not tell you which one I like better, I am happy I could sew them both. Enjoy the picture heavy post.

The first pattern that I am showing is the Evergreen Bonnet from Twig and Tale. The pattern is suitable both for winter and summer. In the winter it is nice a cosy with some Sherpa inside, in the summer the optional peak keeps the sun from their eyes. The pattern include all kind of animal options, and there is a free reindeer add-on (through the Twig + Tale facebook group), making it a perfect Christmas gift. Lisa though, the designer, was looking for someone to show of the effect with embroidery details, and I was happy to comply after enjoying this project.

The pattern pieces from this bonnet are rather small, so many scraps will be big enough to turn into a bonnet. I made the black and white version from some scraps from when I made this coat. I put some fleece on the inside for softness and warmth. The Evergreen bonnet is a pattern for woven fabrics and is available from new born to teens. There is a chin strap, self tie and make your own tie option. I went for secret option number four, no ties at all. Like I mentioned before, my versions are rather plain, but you should check out the listing, you will be drooling over the cuteness portrayed there.

The second pattern that I am showing today is the Coif Hood from Mother Grimm's designs. This pattern is for a jersey hood with four different head shapes (one seam, two seams, pixie and large pixie). Also this pattern has many add-ons. I applied for the test because I was intrigued by the dragon and knight options, but you can also make a shark, or a Christmas elf and many more.

All versions, but especially the basic one, sew up super quick. The basic one is reversible, so the cowboy and whale sides are just the two sides of the same hood. Officially the pattern demands for a lining, but the knight version is unlined. I used a double sided fabric and just left bottom unfinished, worked like a charm.

The Evergreen Bonnet is available at the Twig + Tale web shop and the Coif Hood in Mother Grimm's Etsy store. For the Coif hood there are some discount codes still valid.
Coiflaunch25 - gives 25% until midnight ET 19th November,
Coiflaunch20 - gives 20% until midnight ET 21st November
Coiflaunch15 - gives 15% until midnight ET 23rd November


  1. Wat grappig, ik heb net zo'n soort bivakmuts genaaid. En ik was van plan om er nog een dino versie van te maken met stekels tussen de naden, net zoals jouw drakenversie. Ik kende dit p atroon niet.

    1. Patroon is uit sinds gisteren ;) Ik zag jouw muts voorbij komen gisteren inderdaad en vroeg me af of ik je gemist had tussen de testers ;)

    2. Nee ik volg niet zoveel patronenmakers. Jij test ontzettend veel en ik ken ze bijna nooit :).

  2. Mooie patroontjes! De tricotmutsen zijn hipper, maar zo'n bonnet heeft ook zijn charmes. Mooi borduurwerk trouwens, zoiets maakt het voor mij handmade in het kwadraat ☺

  3. Heel mooi. Waar vind je toch al die tijd?