Saturday, January 14, 2017

Handmade gifts part six

December came and passed, but I did not have time to show you the hand made gifts that I made this year. All three hand made gifts that I am showing you today are heavily inspired (or copied) from projects that I found on the web. Some nice Pinterest inspiration this time. I had two other miscellaneous sewed projects that did not get blogged yet (that also would make perfect gifts, but my lucky kids just got them), so I combined it all in one post.

The first gift is an man apron. I saw this awesome one, and just had to make something similar. I was under a strict deadline (of course I did not start in time), so I omitted the pockets. It is far from perfect, but it was the idea that counted anyway. This apron was the original project that I cut out of the canvas coupon and from the scraps I created my Irene dress.

This one was pinned a long long time ago. I took the idea, found myself a knot tutorial and sewed a very long hose (over four meter). Filling the hose was the worst part, really horrible experience. I tried to fill it by pulling thick strips of batting though it, but the batting or my pull thread kept breaking. I experienced a lot of frustration that evening, but somehow in the end I got it somewhat okay. It has been almost two months ago since I sewed this, and my adrenaline levels have returned to normal. The pillow became smaller than I had planned, but again, it was the idea that counted right...

The third hand made gift is clearly not sewed and a shameless copy. I only had black porcelain marker at home,but a fellow Big Bang Theory fan still loved it though,

In my fabric stash buster overview post, I mentioned a project sewn with my daughter. My middle one picked a blanket from an inexpensive store and asked me to sew her a hat. shawl and gloves. I still had the Twig and Tale hooded scarf pattern and thought this was the perfect way to try it. My daughter wanted to help and together we sewed her this lovely fluffy thing that she actually wears every day. When she had our shoot for the Christmas dress, we also quickly made some pictures with this one on,

The last project are these adorable bear shoes. When Twig and Tale released their kid sized shoes I made this lovely pair for my son. Needless to day he loves them. I still owe my middle daughter a pair of lady bug boots, I should get on that.

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  1. You did such a great job making beautiful presents! I am yet to finish a dress I started making for my little one before Christmas haha

  2. Wat een leuke cadeautjes allemaal. Zullen de ontvangers zeker blij mee geweest zijn