Friday, September 2, 2016

Vivie dress from Blaverry

A few weeks ago I was part of the re-launch testing of the Vivie dress from Blaverry. The Vivie is a button up dress that was just screaming gingham fabric to me. I bought the fabric three years ago at the beginning of my sewing career. I feel this pattern and the fabric are a perfect match. Even my girl totally went into schoolgirl mode while posting.

The updated Vivie now has sleeves, but seeing as I sewed dress at the beginning of the summer, I went for sleeveless. This dress will be a perfect fall dress as well, it can either be worn with a shirt under it, or a cardigan. I decided to go for a random combination of blue buttons, which might have been induced by the fact that I did not have enough of one color, I really like the effect though.

The pictures were already taken in June, I just never found a moment to blog about this dress until now. The cornflower, poppy, white flower scenery stole my heart last year. I made both pictures at very different spots, so apparently the combi is often observed in the Netherlands. Both are weeds, but they do match the colors of our flag as well.

Short blog post this time. I still have to start my Project Run and Play entry, so let's get on it ;)


  1. Mooi mooi!!! en ik ben fan van de verschillende knoopjes :-)

  2. Heel, heel mooi! Perfecte combi van stof en patroon. Die verschillende knoopjes maken het net wat speelser. En die foto'!