Thursday, June 14, 2018

Solis for women

I assume that I do not have to introduce the Solis dress by Sofilantjes. But just in case you have not seen it, you can check out my versions here, here, here and here. What might be  new information is the fact that Sofilantjes now released a women version of the Solis. The dress is just as quick and cute as the girl version, but now you can wear it yourself! Compared to the girl version there are even some extra options. There are three skirts instead of two and besides a regular bodice there is also an empire waist bodice. This empire waist option, is awesome in general but also makes the dress perfect for pregnancy.

The pregnancies are long behind me, so I went a different route, I went for twinning. So, besides the pleated Solis dress that I sewed myself, I sewed our middle daughter a pleated tunic. The girl version has four pleats (two on the left and two on the right), the women version has six pleats, three on the left and three on the right). The pattern of course also comes with the twirly circle skirt which is probably the most loved option for the girl dress. I wanted to squeeze two outfits out of the coupon that I had, so I went for the fabric friendly pleated skirt. Our middle one still prefers tunics over dresses, so she is wearing her Solis with a very short pair of jeans.

The fabric is an oldie from Lillestoff and it has a dandelion print with golden elements in it. We have seen in the Sofilantjes sew and show group that the Solis looks perfect in any kind of print. But I am really pleased with my version of the little black dress. Some people in the Sofilantjes group asked what kind of bra to wear under the dress. I have seen some very fancy bra's that would be perfect, I just used two paperclips, but I am frugal like that.

As always there is a very good release sale. For three days, until Sunday evening, the Solis pattern will be just  €5.60 exl tax. For the people that like paper pattern, there is more good news, the Solis for Women will also be available as a paper pattern.


  1. Wat een leuke moeder-dochter twinning !!
    En die pleated version vind ik toffer dan een cirkelrok (en economischer in stofverbruik :-p)

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  3. Leuk seg!
    Ehm, zie ik nu handboeken uit jouw dochter haar tuniek bungelen? :o