Monday, February 27, 2012

Hooked/zpagetti bag

One of my colleagues told me she was making a toy storage bin with Zpagetti or Hooked yarn and it was going very fast. I got intrigued by this thick material and with my birthday coming around the corner I found myself the perfect gift suggestion.

 I got four different cones and started with making a small pink hand bag for my daughter. Because of the thickness of the material the bag was really ready in a jiff. I just crocheted a rectangle  in single crochet and crocheted the whole thing together to form a small bag. The strap is made from a chain and one dingle crochet in every stitch from the chain. I crocheted a flower to function as a length adjuster for the strap. The blurred flower fabric is my daughters skirt while she was dancing with joy. The thing in the right corner, is indeed my foot. Do other people have the same problem that if you want to take a picture from something lying lower than you your feet often end up on the picture?And the blob on the left.. No idea... Now I am more serious in documenting my creative adventures I am at least trying to take better pictures, but also this early history artifact got misplaced somewhere in the past.