Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Doll crocheting

If you have a certain experience with any crafting skill you might not actually need more crafting books, from the pictures you can make an estimated guess on how to make it. But we all know the difference between needing a new toothbrush and needing chocolate.  In the strictest sense the toothbrush is probably more useful and responsible to buy but who wouldn't go for the chocolate if they had to choose...

I need crafting books the way I need chocolate (and crafting supplies for that matter). A few months ago I came across this book online and bought it as a gift (because I already own a lot of cute crochet pattern books that are still waiting for their first use). The person I bought it for had not announced her birthday party yet but I assumed it would come. The friend in question decided not to celebrate her birthday that year and the book staid on in my shelves. It had been screaming out to me since I received it and after a few months I caved in and used the book myself.

I had created two Arne and Carlos dolls in the past which took me a bit under a week to make. This doll is super quick compared to those. The day I started I went to an indoor playground with my kids and when we went home a few hours later I had created the head, legs, body and an arm! At first I was a bit sceptical, especially the body seemed very weird, but after I joint all limps he/she became very cute.

When I was finalizing the first doll the son of a friend saw the book and loved the "superman" picture. He asked his mother if she could crochet but she couldn't neither did his 7 year old sister he found out. My kids have too much already so I decided he could have the doll. When he doll was ready to fly from our house my kids were actually sad that he would go which is why I created two others that would stay.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fawn Lily plus bonus jersey dress

The fawn lily dress was calling to me for a few months but I still had many other projects that I was planning to make (and already owned the pattern of). Then somehow the idea was born that I would sew two dresses for the twin daughter of a colleague.

Her twins are just a bit bigger than my eldest and I regularly receive great cloths and shoes (my daughter actually asked me the other day why daddies colleagues do not give her dresses). As a thank you I decided to make each of the twins a jersey dress and they were allowed to pick the fabric. One of the twins somehow managed to pick the one quilting cotton fabric that Lillestoff has (out of over 100 jersey fabrics) which is why I had to come up with a cotton pattern.

The Fawn Lily intrigued me because the dress does not have zipper. My daughter complained about the cotton dresses I made her in the past that they are hard to change out or into at school when they have gym. I showed some pictures to my colleague and she liked the dress. I happily bought the pattern and made two dresses. The pink one is actually for my eldest daughter but she was not home to model and my two year old was happy to fill in.

 The second twin received a planned jersey dress. adjusted an Ottobre pattern to resemble the design from a dress my colleague had seen in the store. I like the idea of the strings that have to be tight at the back (especially because my kids are skinny). This dress pattern goes on my to do pile, lets hope not another great new pattern surfaces (I am just kidding, I am always hoping for new patterns!).