Friday, January 10, 2020

Pajama Party

Today, I am part of a Project Run and play blog tour! The theme of the tour is "pyjamas's" which is perfect for these dark winter days. Our kids love comfortable clothes. The love to wear them all the time, not just in bed. This means that my son actually refuses to wear regular trousers and only wears sweat pants. To avoid a pyjama look, I never make them matching tops and bottoms. Never, until now...

The fabrics in this post were given to me by Katia. I was allowed to pick whatever I wanted from their web shop, and wow that was a hard choice! I picked one stretchy fabric for each kid, just because stretchy fabrics are my favorite thing to sew with. But after picking one for each I still was not satisfied. I had fallen in love with an amazing print in woven. Wolves, perfect for both boys and girls. So, besides all four of them getting a stretchy pyjama, two of them also got a garment in woven. Three of the four knitted fabrics that I chose have a plush inside, making them perfect for winter wear.

For today's blog post I took a rather broad definition of pyjamas's and decided to make clothes that they can wear to bed, on a lazy Sunday, but also to school paired with something else. I am all for versatile clothing and the patterns that I used for their group shot, the Cicero and Turnip Up patterns are the definition of versatile clothing patterns.

I have made several Cicero's by Sofilantjes in the past and my kids always love them. For today's post I decided to play with the pattern and made it with a zipper according to the Cicero instructions, but also hacked one with snaps, and I also made one in which I omitted the entire closing option.  The Cicero comes with plenty of color block options and two types of pockets.

The Cicero that our eldest got, the one in grey snow flakes is most similar to the original pattern. The only thing that I changed was that I omitted the lining from the hood. Our son got a Cicero (vampire bats) with a snap closure and a hacked bomber collar. The snaps were a perfect match with the bats on the fabric. For our middle daughter (elves fabric) I hacked the Cicero in a sweater by cutting the front on the fold (after taking off the seam allowance). I also omitted the waistband because she wanted a short sweater. This sweater will be lovely on jeans as well.

For the bottoms I used the Turnip Up pattern by Petit a Petit & Family. The pattern is designed for woven fabrics with a knit waistband. A lovely detail in the pattern is how the legs are finished, but I actually hacked that out for the bottoms in this post. I simply hemmed all trousers. I also made most of the bottoms in stretch fabric, and the pattern really works very well in stretch fabric.

I really wanted to make our son a shirt with the wolves fabric and I decided to make him a Thyme shirt. I think this pattern works perfectly as a pyajama shirt combined with Turnip Up trousers in the same fabric. In our case though, the shirt will be used for fancy occasions. For Christmas I made a trial version of the Turnip Up trousers for him in dark blue Punti and those fancy pants pair perfectly with his new shirt.

Our youngest got a jersey onesie (fear hug) for which I hacked from the Turnip and Cicero together. It closes with an invisible zipper. In the store she saw a onesie with a pocket and matching plush, which inspired me to make her such an ensemble. On her left hip I sewed a rectangle which perfectly holds the monster that I sewed based on the fabric.

I am almost the last stop on the Pyajama blog tour, be sure to check the Project run and play site for all the earlier posts.