Since I can remember I have loved to create. Ever since I was little, I have knitted (poorly), sewed (by hand), glued (with everything that was sticky, I remember my mother once giving me a raw egg to glue with) and tried new techniques. As a teenager most of my creativity was channeled into the December period, because I simply did not know what to do with my projects during any other time of the year. The arrival of my kids created a new creativity channel. Now I could make clothes, toys (and diapers). After getting the hang of sewing children cloths, I even started making clothes for myself. In my creative endeavours I love drawing outside the lines, hacking a pattern is one of my favorite activities, I somehow seem to be inable to follow a pattern exactly. If you like to get inspiration on adjusting a pattern or how to solve creative issues due to lack of fabric, mistakes you made, competition rules etc, than please stick around and make sure you follow me on Blogloving, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

If you would like to read more posts about me and my family you can look here and here. I was a Kids Clothes Week contributor in the Spring of 2015 for which I wrote about my sewing mistakes in general and why I sew.

The name Inspinration refers to the fact that (until recently) most of my inspiration came from pins (from Pinterest). I turn out that the name Inspinration is a bit confusing for google (they really think you misspelled your search if you are trying to find this blog), but lets hope this will work itself out in the future.

Although I have had the blog for longer, I really started to be an active blogger since the end of August 2014. Since then my posts have much more (and hopefully better) pictures.

I you have questions feel free to send me an email at Inspinration (a) gmail.com.


  1. Super! Leuke blognaam, zeker nu je de afkomst verduidelijkt :o) Ikzelf ben mama van 3 jongens en 1 meisje ;o) Juist andersom :o) maar een uitdaging voor boys inspinration ;o)

    1. Ik zag op je blog dat je echt vanalles doet aan creatieve activiteiten, leuk! ik ben je meteen gaan volgen :).

  2. Hallo, pas jouw blog leren kennen, en ben er helemaal door geboeid...! Ik vind jouw blog-naam super origineel (eens iets anders), leuk om te zien dat je ook naait, en een creatieve bezige bij bent ;-)