Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arne and Carlos dolls

Last year I refound my knitting passion when I spotted the book: Christmas ornament knitting from Arna and Carlos. A few years earlier I took up knitting simply because I wanted to master it. My mother taught me when I was small but it never really got the hang of it. So a few years ago I knitted a few sweaters. Knitting a sweater is really a big commitment for me because it takes a lot of time! Especially because I never was really interested in my own knitted sweaters so they just remained in the closet. The Christmas ornaments seemed a perfect project to get back into the knitting game. Finishing one never took more than three evenings (my way of counting creative time) and they looked great. So Arne and Carlos's new book, knitting dolls looked like another very promising new project especially because my eldest is really in the doll playing phase. Over Easter Arne and Carlos had a nice book containing a bunny.
At that moment I was totally into crocheting and I made adjusted the pattern somewhat to make a crochet version . When I got the doll book I got the same giddy feeling as when I got the Christmas ornament book. It is just so nice to look at all the pictures. flipping through the pages was like flipping through an illustrated cookbook. You simply want to try them all immediately. Not only the dolls look amazing they come with a bunch of clothes!

Knitting a doll took me around 6 evenings and I enjoyed it a lot. If you are considering to start up knitting (again) but are wondering what to make, this is very recommendable!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gum drops fail

The first time I saw a "nailed it" post on Pinterest I laughed my ass of. It was the reason to start a humour board. It picture in question contained a muffin that I was actually planning to make!
I can totally get why people post their fails because, well sometimes you just need to be able to laugh about your frustration or else you will cry. I had such an experience when making gum drops!
Look at that picture how jummie do they ought to look. Imagine making them with fresh fruits juices (that is what I imagined) not containing the E numbers from the store. I even thought that it would be a great project to do with the kids. Making your own sweets how fun would that be...These are mine:

I even tried it three times (I really wanted them to work) with different recipes and procedures, but the gelatin always melted when combined with the sugar. If anyone could tell me what I did wrong it would be very happy. I simply assumed that dutch gelatin works differently than the US kin

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wrapping up pregnancy/ crochet project

When you mention crocheting many people think of granny squares. Colorful yarn blankets using up left over yarn. I also had seen some granny square projects and wanted to try it. The fun thing about grannys quares is that you whip one of them up relatively quickly. You can use them as a coaster, sew a few together as a scarf or bag. The possibilities are endless but somehow after making a few squares the endless list of possibilities could not motivate me as much.

When my due date became closer I felt the urge to create something for our new family member.
I considered knitting some clothes but decided against it. I had knitted a sweater for my son, but he never really wore it. Our babies double as lamas and drool/spit/vomit all over their clothes all the time. The drooling/spitting/vomiting behavior stopped me from putting on the sweater that took me hours to make.

Enter my unfinished granny squares. Within one and a half week I created enough squares to make up a nice baby blanket. The spitting/drooling/vomiting is usually done on the sheets under the head and not on the blankets. Now I have the perfect thing to cover my new born with love :).

And "yes" if you might be wondering if that gray blob in the right is belly. Usually when making pictures with my phone of projects on the floor or table my feet appear in the picture. I did not notice immediately but when I did I thought is was extra funny and kept it like this.