Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Agatha for the teen

Being at home has not led to a lot of sewing time in the previous weeks, but the new Fibre Mood, magazine 10, made me dust off the machines. Today is the official release day of the new magazine, edition 10 already!

 A year ago, I had to make special adjustments for our teen because she was in between child and adult sizes. Those times are already over, adult patterns it is. Today, I am showing you the Agatha size 32 from the new Fibre Mood. A long flowy summer dress. The Agatha has butterfly sleeves and gatherings in the front, giving the whole a romantic vibe. The original pattern has a long skirt, but I think the dress would look great knee length as well.

The new Fibre Mood has many gorgeous summer patterns, but I immediately fell in love with Agatha. It is singing summer evenings. It is suitable for summer weddings, but also for simply going to the store. The example was made in a flowy jersey, so I used viscose jersey. With hindsight, I had better chosen a lighter weight fabric, maybe modal jersey. The long skirt pulls the bodice down a bit.

The original Agatha has a spicy front, a deep V, but I made a slight adjustment for our twelve-year-old. The original dress also looks great with a top underneath, but to make it more modest by itself, I simply ladder-stitched the front a bit. Added bonus, if she changes her dress preferences in two years and she still fits the dress, I can simply remove the extra stitches.