Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cochet sun rainbow mobile

I guess that all of you that like Pinterest and crochet have seen the mobile of a sun, rainbow, clouds and raindrops. The usual pins state that this is a free tutorial. I also had seen and pinned it but when I decided to make one as a gift I could not find the free tutorial anywhere. I did found a website that wanted a subscription but I was not in the mood for that. I simply eyeballed the design and created a 3D rainbow to mix better with the sun. I kind a messed up the amount of increases but with a bit of creative sewing all worked out fine.

The mobile was a gift without occasion due to a post I shared on Facebook at the beginning of the year. One of my friends was sharing a "pay it forward" creativity post. The first five people that would react on her post by sharing it on their timeline would receive a home made gift (if they would also make 5 home made gifts for people that would react on their message).  I loved the idea and shared the message but omitted the condition that people has to get creative themselves. My Facebook crowd it not that into creating hand made gifts but I was positively surprised which people were delighted to receive those type of gifts. I did not create all the gifts yet but I will (once).

Did anyone else also join this nice alternative home made swap movement?