Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New dresses

Since my daughter goes to school she has decided she only wants to wear dresses and skirts. until the age of four she did not have an opinion about her cloths and I usually dressed her in trousers. I considered trousers to be much better suited for playing. Me, I also only regularly wear dresses or skirts. Now, she apparently disagrees with my clothing ideas and prefers something in which she can twirl. I looked online and saw some great dresses but their price would prevent me let her play in them.

Looking trough the pictures of dresses online the thought occurred to me that I might be able to make a dress (or three) myself. I had inherited a sewing machine and knew how to use it.

I occasionally had sewn some things but I never got infected with the sewing fever. I decided to try again and bought a universal pattern Butterick 4842 and used a piece of fabric that I bought about 7 years before to make myself a skirt. The whole process was much quicker than I expected (probably also because I skipped finishing the sides of the fabric) and within two evenings her dress was finished.

I felt the dress was a bit short and too wide and decided to try again. I bought some new fabric made the bodice less wide and the skirt longer. This time the whole thing was spot on and I created two more dresses from the same pattern in two weeks. In the second picture she is playing me, apparently this would also have been a great pregnancy dress pattern.

I bought some more patterns and some more fabric (that is how it starts right)  and created another dress and then my sewing skills went in hibernation for almost a year. Than I discovered the fun of jersey and since then I have not gone a week without sewing something.