Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crochet flower bouquet

When I started crocheting, I started out with a plant. The good thing about crocheted plants it that they do not need any water (although it is not a tragedy either if your 2 year old decides they do) and do not mind the lack of sun light in our livingroom. I very much like plants and flowers, but I like them outside. I somehow do not seem to be able to give plants what they need when they are not safely with their roots in the dirt. I do not like plants dying in my livingroom which also applies to flower bouquets. A flower bouquet is kind a already dead when they enter your house so I never buy (or ask/get them), I know I am strange in that.

Crocheted flower bouquets however resemble their crochet plants very much when it comes to their need of water and ability to not die. The project in the picture is actually a suggestion from my husband. He was searching for a present to a wedding and asked me if I could make a crochet flower bouquet. I thought it was a great idea and created the white bouquet. Most of the patterns I used are from the book: 100 flowers to crochet and knit. The yellow ones already flower for more than a year on our dining table, those are made using a pattern from Planet June.