Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blind zipper Otium with tumb holes

This shirt had to happen after I sewed my son this zipper Otium (pattern from Sofilantjes). My eldest immediately ordered one. My eldest two kids are almost the same size, only one centimeter difference around the chest and a few centimeter in length. I therefore planned to use the same pattern pieces as for my son, and just draw a small seam allowance (in Sofilantjes' patterns seam allowance is included, so normally you do not have to draw anything extra) . This short cut actually resulted in a much longer process than if I would have just started from sratch. A bit longer shirt also required a bit different diagonal line etc. I would like to say that I learned my lesson, but I fear I will try the same trick next time.

I had planned to sew this shirt last week, during Kids Clothes Week and due to the theme I planned a blind zipper (disguised pocket) instead of a visible one (and because I am incapable of just doing the same thing again).

Although I still buy fabric, I really try to use the older ones as well. I bought the green main fabric almost two years ago at Joyfits. Although it is a lovely quality, the fabric never got turned into a garment. I pulled it from the pile a few weeks ago and cut a pair of leggings from it. I had half a meter of fabric and for long I didn't wanted to cut half projects from such a length, because what would I do with the other half. This resulted in many fabrics just staying on the shelf, so I changed strategy (I just use what I need for a project and worry about the "scraps" later). After cutting the leggings the fabric stayed on top of the pile and like with this fabric I quickly saw a possibility to use the rest of it.

Combining the green main fabric with something was the biggest challenge, it is an interesting, retro type of green which doesn't match with many of the bright colors I have in my stash. The brown /broken white stripes matched perfectly though. Of course my daughter also requested thumb holes after this shirt.

My eldest is over the moon with the hidden zipper. She loves to show off her new clothes and I am sure that almost nobody will spot the zipper. To make it even less obvious I put the zipper pull at the bottom side this time. The zipper pull is brown and matches the brown stripes and birds nicely.

The last one is a bit blurry, but you will get the point, the book is in there. I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).  

Saturday, October 24, 2015

KCW Lili fall dress

After pulling the leaves fabric, that I used for this project, from the bottom of a pile, I really felt the urge to sew up something else with it. Two weeks ago I received a Lili pattern on paper as a reward for testing it, so I decided to make another Lili, one with long sleeves this time. The sleeves make the dress a true allrounder.

I decided to omit the official collar, but to add an interesting twist, I added a smaller collar. The collar is self drawn. I didn't put any stabilizer in the collar and this way the collar fits over her head without a zipper or button closure. It would have looked nicer if I would have ironed the collar, but it is Kids Clothes Week so I was in a hurry to take pictures.

Like with the second Lili dress, I made box pleats instead of folding the pleats to one side. The sleeves fit perfectly. What I find intriguing about this pattern, the front isn't a copy of the back (with a different neckline). The shoulders and armholes really have a different shape, which is not usual for knit patterns. This already shows in the sleeve pattern, the sleeve head is far from symmetrical.

This is my last KCW week entry for this season. I have some tests on my table, so although they are kid's stuff, I can not show them yet.

*** added bonus, this is a perfect garment for the "Climate Change" prompt on Top Stitchers***

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

KCW: Domi pants

She made trousers with a sweatpants pattern while upcycling a normal pair of trousers. I thought that was a great idea, I have some trousers on my upcycle pile and I own some nice trouser patterns, but somehow I do feel motivated to sew regular trousers (they somehow feel like a lot of work). Making one with a sweatpants pattern did sound very appealing.

I took my favorite sweatpants pattern, the Domi (from Sofilantjes), which I sewed several times already. I used last time's version, the one where I lowered the rise 5 centimeter (my son wears his trousers on his hips). Now I cut the main pieces from a non-stretching pair of pants. My son's body type is very straight so I knew he wouldn't need the main fabric to stretch to get the pant on.

The pockets, waistband and cuffs were cut from stretch fabric. The grey fabric is even official ribbing fabric with a lot of stretch. This pair of pants is a true winner. Due to the main fabric the trousers really look like regular trousers, but because of the waistband and the fit they are very comfy. The leg cuffs are great because the trousers would be a bit long, this way he will be able to grow and the trousers will keep a perfect length. It will take  while before his ankles will be visible.

I will do this trick again for sure, disguising a pair of sweats as regular trousers (it was sewn up so quickly!) but next time I will use a less contrasting knit for the cuffs and waist. My son was not in the mood to take off his coat, with him I have to pick my battles, so I decided his coat was fine for these picks. Did you notice that the entire outfit is home made?  You can find the coat here and the sweater here.

 I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).   

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KCW: Pillow case sweater

In my first Kids Clothes Week I turned two pillow cases into clothes, one became a dress, the other a sweater. I still had some pillow cases left from last year and it was high time to turn another one into something wearable. A pillow case disguised as clothing fits the theme, right? My son, who missed out on the action last year (because the sweater actually stayed in his sisters closet) got first pick. He choose a jaguar who seems to be hiding, ready to pounce. The animal is probably disguised in a bush or shadow.

I again used the Billie pattern, I will probably try the other Billie versions as well, soon, or maybe later, but for now I am just very content with this easy recipe. The raglan shape frames the animal's head nicely. On the original picture the jaguar has ears. Those ears were just cut of by the bodice shape, and I decided to use them in the sweater. The left ear's picture is slightly different than the shape I cut the ear in, but I think it still looks great. I fixated the (lined) ears my hand with a small stitch on the sleeve.

The fall fabric and the brown circles are both from Joyfits, I bought them probably two years ago, so they are out of stock. The leaves of the fall fabric disguise small animals. I used the fall fabric here already and I have some other plans with it for this week. It is the ultimate fall fabric and I feel I have to use it in the right season. I lined the pillow case front with an upcycled shirt.

The shirt was a quick and easy sew, so I wanted to add an extra detail and I went for thumb holes. I have been planning to sew them for months but always forget my plans when I am cutting. My son loves them. I used this tutorial to make them.

He is very happy with his new sweater so he didn't mind the shoot (because he is allowed to wear the clothes after). He even was in for showing his "angry jaguar" face.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).  

Monday, October 19, 2015

KCW: Toddler playdress disguised as Dolce and Gabbana

Kid's Clothes Week is upon us again, this will be my fifth time participating. I tried different strategies over the past seasons and experienced that tackling a few relatively easy projects works best for me. I will not be making seven projects, like when I was an official contributor, but I do expect more than my regular two per week.

This season's theme is "disguise", as always you do not have to sew something related to the theme, but I think it is a nice challenge to stretch the theme in such a way that it fits. Today's outfit is a perfect example. I sewed my smallest one a knock off designer dress. It is a simple jersey playdress disguised as a designer piece.

I often fall in love with new fabric (the love for my husband is a very steady one). Especially when I meet a fabric in an online store, I often immediately want to make a commitment and just take it home. The problem is that my fabric closet is not as big as my heart and my closet is full.Therefore, now a days I am really testing out relationship first. Fill my digital cart and click away, fill my digital cart and click away, this pattern repeats itself over the course of a few weeks. If I then finally really can't stand it anymore, I buy the fabric.

The problem with this strategy is other fabric lovers, so sometimes it happens that my treasured one isn't there when I am ready to take the plunge. The fabric I used for this dress is an example of one that (almost) got away. I had planned to use this fabric for a dress for myself. I love red in general and the graphics on this one are amazing. I had been digitally caressing it for weeks but when I finally placed my order (one in which I bought this fabric as well, and that one is in stock again now), it was gone. I asked if some new was coming in, but no, they only had 40 cm left.

A small piece is better than no piece, so I asked if I could buy the small piece (it wasn't online) and I was told that I could get it as a gift with the rest of my order, thanks again for that Stoffenelf! Although  making something for myself with 40 cm was too far fetched, I was sure that I could at least make something for my smallest girl with it.

Around the same time as the fabric arrived, I came across this picture. It is a piece from the Dolce and Gabbana collection from last year, and I loved it. Like I said, I am a sucker for red and that type of graphics. I know that the original dress wasn't jersey, but I thought that the fabric is pretty darn similar and decided to make my first knock off designer piece.

Like I said, I only had 40 cm and had to think very hard about how to cut my fabric. I wanted a relatively nice placement on the bodice and skirt and because of that, I didn't manage to create a pleat in the front. I simply didn't have enough fabric. I also went for long sleeves, instead of 3/4 ones. I love them for myself, but for my kids I prefer regular long ones.

I used my trusted onesie pattern from Ottobe 1/2012 for the top of the bodice and sleeves. I didn't manage to cut the sleeves at one piece, so I made extra long sleeve cuffs. The skirt length is based on this project (my youngest loves them). I prefer her dress to be below the knee, or else she grows out it extremely quickly, this one has already become too short for example.

My little one loves photo shoots. She literately doesn't want them to end, she actually screamed when I took her off the table. She is the opposite of him, who immediately states he only wants one picture. I think she is crazy adorable, which could be due to the hair (I know many kids her age have much more, but our others didn't have that much hair). Even when she picks her nose I think she looks darn cute, but that is of course because she is mine.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Challenge completed, Gwen shirt

Two weeks ago, she challenged me. She got an award and changed the rules, instead of nominating other bloggers, she challenged four bloggers with a personalised question. I am all for breaking the rules so I was game. My challenge was how to incorporate a print into a woman's sweater.

If this would have been a face to face conversation the answer would have been simple, just do like her, I love the combination of raglan uni colored sleeves with a printed main part. But this wasn't a spoken conversation, so my answer had to be presented differently. I logically decided to sew my own version.

I didn't want to fully copy the previously mentioned example, so I used a different kind of pattern. I used the recently released Gwen pattern (from SeeKateSew). I bought it in the bundle, but it is now also available as a separate pattern. The fun part about this pattern is that it uses faux raglan sleeves. The sleeves have the regular round head, but due to an extra piece on the shoulder, the illusion of a raglan is created.

You all know about my inability to follow a pattern, so I made an adjustment to the back. There was another sewist that had an intriguing sweater recently. I liked the lines on the back, so I drew the shoulder pieces on the back slightly lower which created an arch.

To make the print challenge a true challenge I choose a very colorful print from my collection ("Fly me to paradise" from Hilco Hamburger's Liebe) that I hadn't planned for myself (usually things are the other way around). I combined it with my favorite color, mustard yellow (bought at Joyfits) and I feel it is now a lovely combination for a grown up. Ann, what do you think, would this work for you?

Although there were no rules in this game to start with, I will shake it up again. I am also asking for help, but slightly differently. Due to my pregnancies (and lack of sporting) I have a belly. The pictures of this sweater clearly show were my trousers end and my belly begins. Even if I pull it in, it just isn't flat as it used to be. Now I am asking your help. Please link up any project you have sewn that disguises a belly (dress patterns will get an extra bonus points). If you haven't sewn it, but you know about a good pattern, feel free to mention it in the comments! Thanks in advance.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Compagnie M hack

I do not need an excuse to perform a sewing hack, still the competition of Compagnie M got my creative juices flowing (even quicker). You will surely have heard about the big competition in which sewists can compete in three different leagues. I was planning a Mix and Match entry (not changing any pattern piece, just a different combination), but in the end my project did became a hack.

The base of the dress is the Ileana, I had a well fitting pattern due to the pattern test. Both the bodice and skirt did not get any alterations. Most of you will immediately recognise the Lotta flaps on this garment. I love those flaps  (I used them here) I used both the neck and the pocket flaps for the current dress. For the pockets I had to perform a small pattern hack. The circle skirt called for different shaped base pocket, I did keep the outside look of the Lotta pocket, only the "inside" was changed.

I love front closures (keeping in mind gym classes etc). After already hacking the button placket during testing, I went for a front visible zipper this time. I was inspired by the zipper Nina that I sewed (and wrote a tutorial for). I was planning to let the zipper end mid skirt, but when I realised the zipper was long enough to run over the entire dress, I changed my mind.

The second part of the hack are the sleeves. I started with the length of the Mara combined with the shape of the Louisa (so that wasn't a hack yet right, just mixing), but when I put the sleeves on my daughter's arm the sleeves were too wide of my liking. I made the sleeves narrower towards the wrist.

Both fabrics are from Soft Cactus and the flowers have a nice retro Compagnie M feel. The flower buttons are again the flower snaps, I still love them a lot.The zipper is a separating zipper that I bought in a multi colored set through Ali-express once. I finished the hem with some home made bias tape, just as Marte advises.

The circle skirt twirls perfectly, if you want a happy daughter, just make her a dress with a circle skirt.

This last picture is too white, there was too much sun because she ran from the shade. I had forgotten to turn my camera to Raw, so I couldn't make the picture better than this, I still love it though. She was running and twirling so happy, I had to share. For my daughter, and therefore for me this dress is already a winner.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).