Friday, March 28, 2014

New coat

When I was browsing through Ottobres for the first time I saw some coat patterns. I loved several of them but I could not imagine being able to sew those. Now I have come at that stage that I feel comfortable to try any type of pattern and was feeling up for a coat.

I was triggered to think about  a coat because when I asked my daughter what to sew for her she requested a coat-dress. I did not get more information out of her besides this fancy name. I understood it to be a coat that looks like a dress, so a coat that can twirl.

The winter is kind a leaving us which made me decide to make a lined rain coat. I bought some laminated fabric and let my daughter choose a lining from our stash. The pink polka dots combined with the yellow fabric did make think twice about my decision to let my daughter choose but in the end I love the combination. I used a coat pattern from Ottobe 1 2010 (adding a hood myself). I made the picture inside with flash which is why the coat looks very shiny, usually it does not shine.

I decided to close the coat with three snaps only. My daughter ruined her winter coats zipper because she is always squatting on the playground. This way of closing the coat makes squatting possible.