Saturday, January 13, 2018


Last October, we had the 2017 second edition of our sewing weekend and I posted my projects of that weekend on Instagram (and that picture even made itself into my Best9). In a month, we will go on the first weekend of 2018. Although, now that the kids are bigger, I can sew at home while they are awake, those sewing weekends create peak production (last time I think I put in 20 hours of just sewing in one weekend). This means that after such weekends I have several unblogged projects that sometimes seem to never reach the blog. Today's post is about the last set of clothes from February that I had not shown you yet. I sewed several pieces of underwear, and in the weeks after, I sewed some more that I also added to this post.

From the sewing weekend projects that I did show, several pieces were made from scraps remnants that where exchanged during the weekend. This ballet suit's fabric was from the same pile. The outer fabric is the most intriguing jersey that I ever saw. It has splots of thick glitter paint on it. Katrien just had a small piece left, but it was enough to squeeze a body suit out of it. I actually lined it with one of her scraps, but that is not visible of course. This picture is now almost a year old, and you know how it goes with these small kids. The suit therefore already moved out of our home (and into hers). The pattern is the Alley Cat from Lil Luxe patterns.

From my own scraps, I sewed two pieces of underwear, a size 3 and a size 4 for my son. It is the Suat boxer pattern, and I was not sure which size was best for him. Therefore, I sewed two different sizes to find out. I sewed many, many more a few weeks later. Here is that extra collection that also contains some pieces for my eldest daughter. I really like the pattern (and used it here as well), and it will definitely go with me on the next sewing edition. If you need plans to sew with smaller remnants pieces, underwear is a perfect project.

The last piece of underwear that I sewed during that sewing weekend was a bralette for myself. I used the free pattern by George and Ginger. I squeezed it out of a remnant from when I made this dress. But the bralette actually required a bit more fabric than I anticipated so I ended up with a color block on the back.I am used to wearing under wire bra's so the bra felt a bit too "sport bra"to me. The fit is nice, but I had to get used to it a bit. For sure I will take a decreased version of this with me for the next edition to make some for my eldest daughter.


  1. Wow dat is een oldie. Die wordt hier bewondert totdat iemand erin past :)

    1. De oudste uit mijn collectie unblogged dat is zeker ;)

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