Saturday, January 27, 2018

Color blocking the boy

I had two missions when I went on sewing weekend in October. I wanted to sew the Christmas clothes with the Michael Miller fabric hat I received through Sewing Portfolio's and I wanted to sew winter stuff for my son. My son has been having a growth spurt and he was in a need of long sleeves and trousers. Since this blog post I had been planning to sew him an Orbis, and during the sewing weekend I finally did. I also took the ADVT pattern* from Sofilantjes and sewed three crazy color blocked shirts.

Two years ago, I made him this bear shirt, but that one became quickly to small. I still had enough fabric left to make him the same shirt in a bigger size, but I did not feel like it. I was planing to donate both fabrics to the free for all, but I ended up keeping it myself. I used a French Terry remnant inside out to create fluffy shoulder piece.  The triangle fabric that I used for one of the Rugam skirts really made the combination different than the first shirt.

The Orbis* is clearly a great success. I bought the fabric at Textielstad and it has a white fluffy inside so it makes a perfect winter Orbis. It makes the ultimate "soft" trousers that my son loves. I also bought the fabric in grey and sewed him a Domi, which might also once end up on the blog. For the pockets I used a sturdy knit from the free for all pile. In our house blue combines with everything even it is has a bunny print, so they way my son shows his shirts today, that is also how he wears them to school. He really loves those huge pockets, he is not a collector but he loves to put his hands into them.

This Minion fabric came from Davina. There actually would have been enough fabric to cut an entire shirt from, but I just love color blocking. My son likes glitter and flowers but he sometimes fears it would be to "girly". In this glittery cherry remnant that I used on the sleeves, I saw the perfect color block with the minions. I told my son that the peaches look like minion butts and of course he loved the combination and explanation. The glitter cherry fabric also has a soft inside, so that also contributed to him loving glitter peaches on his shirt.

The last shirt that I am showing you today the wildest of them all and not just because it has tigers on them. I combined six different fabrics into one shirt. I really like how it turned out. Yes it is crazy, but it totally fits my son's style. I used her coverlock to topstitch all those seams with golden thread. Most of these fabrics' were donated to the pile by her, thanks again Davina!


  1. Ik vind het colorblack t-shirt helemaal geweldig. Wat ontzettend inspirerend!! En fantastische kleurencombinatie!

  2. Lang leve de restjes stapel, ik heb al een gevuld zakje klaarstaan!