Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coloring the girls

Last week, I showed you the clothes that I sewed our son during the sewing weekend in October, today I will show you what I sewed our daughters. When we made the pictures, my son was in a surprisingly good picture mood, so he will turn up a few times today as well. This blog post is picture heavy, especially compared to the amount of words. All these clothes were created with patterns that were at least once on the blog already, and the I believe our middle daughter wears about the 20th Domi that I sewed, so I have not much to tell you about these items. If you do have any question in the end, just write me a comment.

After I sewed that Orbis for our son, I had a good amount of fabric left and I cut a hacked Foliis* for our middle daughter. I cut the front pieces at the selvage in an attempt to create a neatly finished bolero without closure option. It did not work out exactly as I had in mind (as is sometimes the case with experiments), so after the shoot I added one single snap to connect the pieces at the neckline (like with the Aura*). After sewing these two bunny pieces there still was good amount of fabric left, and she cut a sleeve for this awesome color blocked dress.

I wrote it before, our middle daughter loves the Domi*, so I sewed her a candy version during the weekend. I clearly developed a love for striped knit rib fabric, and this candy fabric combined lovely with this double pink striped rib knit. A few weeks after our sewing weekend, when I sewed this giraffe Regina, I made a Giraffe Domi from the remnants. It is such a grateful pattern.

After cutting that candy Domi, I sewed a Nivalis tunic* from the remnants. I did not have enough to cut long sleeves, but I found this over-the-top pink fluff in the "free for all" pile and I just love the result. She always gets compliments about this top when she wears it.

When you are sewing with remnants, sewing small dresses is often the best type of project. I therefore also made our youngest two dresses from the free for all pile. This blue dress is a heavily hacked Nivalis and the color blocked dress is a hacked Simple Dress.

I also sewed two pieces for our eldest, but she did come last this sewing weekend. I created a glitter high low tunic with the ADVT *as base. The Art Gallery owl fabric was from her stash originally. The last project that I sewed during the weekend is a good example of too much of a good thing. I also sometimes go overboard on my fabric combinations. She gave the good example of also showing the projects that can be considered a "fail". Well, this Orbis for our eldest is definitely too much even for me, but my daughter does not agree. She gladly wears it, and I believe she even has worn it too school...

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

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