Monday, February 26, 2018

Viva la Vivax

The Vivax dress and top* by Sofilantjeshas released, and I made four versions during testing. Although I should be working on a still kind of secret project, the pattern is that good that just had to sew a few. During testing the length of both the top and the dress changed a bit, which means that the final dress pattern is slightly longer and the top pattern is slightly shorter, but these four versions should give you a very good impression of the pattern.

Besides having dress and top length, the Vivax of course has more options. There are long, half, 3/4 and short sleeves and the longer sleeves can be color blocked in different ways (there are a total of five sleeve options). I sewed the long sleeve version with the half sleeve color block, but in the listing you can see several options of the triple color blocked sleeve.

The Vivax has two neckline options, there is a round color block option and a high collar. Both options are open to beginners, the collar is not more difficult than the round color block, the trick is to pin/use clips well. Yes, you read it correct, even I use clips with projects like this. If you use clips it will take you a few minutes to fixate the collar correct and you know that you have to sew only once.

The first version that I sewed is the dress for our eldest daughter, the blue one. Do you remember me telling that I am a occasion fabric sewer? I sew with the fabric that is on the couch. Well before I sewed that fish dress, I sewed this Vivax. Blue is her favorite color so my daughter is happy with all blue additions to her wardrobe. To create diversity, also this dress was screen printed, I used a copper print on this one.

In that earlier mentioned post, I also told you that I had several screen printed fabrics just laying in my stash. Last weekend, I again went on our sewing weekend, and one of my goals was to sew with at least two of those and I succeeded. I will show and tell you more about the weekend in future posts, but for today let's look at the robot print. These robots were designed and printed with my eldest (I positioned the frame and did the last layer because she had lost interest) in June last year. When it was finished I was bothered by the fact that I forgot that the frame has width and that I therefore did not position the robots evenly. But of course, like usual, it turns out fine when you use the fabric. Now that it is finished, I do not understand why it was so hard to find a use for it.

Besides those screen printed fabric, I am trying to sew away my stash in general (which will take years, but a girl can dream of a future when it is actually necessary to buy new fabric). The last two Vivaxes are made with two very different kind of dots fabric, that were both bought because the intrigued me, but eventually never really inspired me. After forcing myself, to just use them, they look awesome and I am actually looking forward to use the rest of these dots.

The collar looks best in stable fabric, it has to stand a bit. The French Terry blue collar on the pink shirt was a piece from her stash. That is one of the lovely things of a sewing weekend, if you do not have the perfect complement to your fabric, someone else might. On the robot top I used the same French Terry as the inside collar, to create stability. On the robot top I pulled the lining of the collar a bit to the front to create a faux piping.

Like I wrote in the beginning, the length of my tops and dresses is slightly off compared to the final pattern. The dress is a bit longer and the tops are shorter, we really like tunic like this around our house, if you do as well, you can very easily get the same "longer"effect by drawing one extra line in between the top and dress length lines. The Vivax pattern*, is as usual extra cheap for two days only. Now you can buy the Vivax for €5.00 exl tax (€6,05 incl. eu tax).

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. Wauw, je dochters staan prachtig met dit model en wat een leuke stofjes. Zeg maar aan Anne dat we ook een volwassen versie willen 😉

  2. Allemaal leuke versies!! Die met de robotjes is mijn favorietje!