Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kids Clothes Week Winter 2016 #1

Droomstoffen stocked up on several beautiful black and white fabrics. A few of her blogger team members received four "jersey fat quarters". The original fabric is 140 cm wide, so we got about 70 cm wide times half a meter long (the length might have been a bit more on some of the pieces). Getting such a gift is right up in my alley, I loved the challenge to turn the pieces in full garments.

It is Kids Clothes Week, which means sewing for at least one hour a day, and I have been cutting and sewing several hours this week already. Today, I will show you the garment I started last, but finished first (seeing I only used my serger, no twin needle needed). I had already used both fabrics for something else and while investigating the remnants, I figured I could turn them into a Lila. A shorts jumpsuit Lila, because I did not have enough fabric for a full leg version.

I crafted an alternative bow (being lazy to read up on that pretty bow I had seen earlier). When using two different fabrics, I think it is advisable to use something to break the contrast. I am not sure if my bow was the best way, but it will have to do. In my one-fabric Lila I am not missing the extra detail, but in my earlier created color blocked Lila, the little flap is a true eye catcher.

I did not make a snap bottom opening on the jumpsuit (following her lead). My daughter is on track of not needing a diaper anymore, and I hope that in summer she will only wear her underwear. She does need help in getting the jumpsuit on and off, but that would not have been different if there would have been snaps.

The fabrics I used for this jumpsuit are this penguin and geometric fabric. Check them out in the Droomstoffen fabric store, you will love them for sure. So, no official theme sewing for me this time, my own theme for this season is black and white. You can check out some other sews on black and white from the blogger team here. She coincidentally also used the Lila pattern.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).