Thursday, October 4, 2012

The very hungry caterpillar

I have some trouble with buying gifts now a days. In the past when I was still a student my friends (and me) cloud not simply buy every (small) thing that we liked. Now that we are all working it is harder to find a good present because all the "good" small things we simply buy when we realize we like them. In such a case a personalized hand made gift is ideal! My first hand made gift was to my sister, I made her a crocheted cactus and loved it.

After that I decided to give the option of a hand made gift whenever I ask what somebody would like to get as a present. My niece was creating a "very hungry caterpillar" room for her son and could use another caterpillar. This was a very easy project, I created the caterpillar by increasing and decreasing like if making a round shape. I added some wire to be able to fake crawling position. A friend of mine pointed out that I reversed the leg amount (oops), well lets call it creative expression.

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