Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas angel

Yesterday I received one of the new crochet books that I ordered. Christels Christmas book. The book contained several very nice projects. I simply had to immediately start my favorite: an angel sitting on a Christmas ornament. I have no special connection to angels, but this cute girl immediately stole my heart. The pattern explanation was clear and I even learned two cool new tricks for creating bending shapes!
I once heard that the best camera is the camera you always carry with you. This is so true. Although we have a great photo camera I definitely prefer taking pictures with my phone. It is so much easier to transfer the pictures onto my computer. I will try to be less lazy in the future, for now it is almost time to go to bed and a post with a bit blurry pictures is better than no post right...
In the book the angel really sits straight on the ornament while the ornament hangs in mid air. I either used a very heavy kind of stuffing or the picture is photoshoped a little. Based on basic physics knowledge I presume the second. My angel looks much less comfortable on her ornament when floating in mid air. She seems to need a firm grip to avoid slipping. Although it might look a bit tiring, she seems to enjoy it, because she keeps smiling ;)
The original pattern in the book used black beads for eyes. My non existing supply of beads forced me to use an alternative for the eyes. While searching I came across a perfect set of eyes. in an Etsy shop. Besides gorgeous eyes, these dolls are really amazing and great inspiration for the future.

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