Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitting children clothes

After knitting Christmas decoration and dolls I kind a was up for knitting clothes again. I felt more confident I could finish a bigger knitting project. But baby steps, I decided to first knit for my kids. I have fond memories of knitting on the couch in front of the television (especially during the winter). When I told my mother my plans she also became enthusiastic and together we bought yarn online and looked through old knitting magazines (which I kept from 10 years before), instant fun! Besides the old magazine I drooled over Phildar magazines that I bought but never used.

The actual knitting went faster than I hoped and I quickly created two sweaters. The bear application is from a Phildar magazine and and red shirt is an adjusted version of a grown up pattern. 

The red yarn ran out before the project was done. We had bought the yarn on sale in a mixed surprise package and I therefor had to be creative with a different color. Although unplanned I think that it spices up the sweater in a positive way. 

I like knitting (or crocheting for that mater) because it is more social than sewing. Although sewing has stolen my heart, when I sew, I sew I can not talk to somebody at the same time, let alone look at them. If I have people over sewing is not possible. Knitting and especially knitting clothes (more repetitive stitching without complex counting) is perfect. I now even have some friends that regularly come over to knit (and talk).

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