Thursday, January 16, 2014

Creative mending

As a mother of one boy and three girls (and being an academic) I know I can not statistically sound test if the behavior of my son is stereotypical boy (I would need at least 30 kids) but I do have a hunch that holes in trousers is more common with boys. I think my eldest daughter never had a whole on her knee and my son seems to have at least one per week! The pile of trousers that had to be mended was growing and the wearable was shrinking in a dangerous rate. Is it just me or is creating something new much better than mending something, even if mending takes less time? I seem to keep avoiding the mending-pile as long as possible.
I had not mended trousers yet, but I did pin a few nice patches already. I challenged myself to patch every trousers in a different way (not all got pictures). Both me and my son liked the results a lot, and I suspect him of purposely creating a hole in the other knee of green trousers a few days later because he wanted another monster (which he got ofcourse). My monster is not as pretty as many others on Pinterest, my main goal was quick mending (especially because I suspected the trousers knees to re-die quickly.). I have to say that the monster holds up surprisingly well, no new mending of that knee has been necessary for a few weeks (knocks on wood).
For those who do not recognise it immediately (I would be among those people) the purple "thing" is a squirrel. I clearly have to practise my embroidery skills, I suspect that my son will deliver enough practise material for me to quickly become a pro. Fortunately kids have a big imagination and a squirrel is a squirrel if mommy says so.

Another reoccurring cloth problem in our household (and I presume with most household with eating kids) is folds! My kids seem to love ruining especially new cloths with folds that do not wash out anymore. Last week I tried something new, I simply cut small harts out of transfer foil and ironed them on some black spots. Like with the trousers I think the shirt became even better.

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