Saturday, January 31, 2015

Handmade gifts part 2

Lets make this a series, here you can find the first one. In these posts I will discuss a collection of gifts (made over a undefined period) which didn't justify (I have a personal fuzzy standard) a post but I still want to show them.

I made a friend a weighted pillow to be part of the sensomotoric therapy for her son. She asked a simple pillow/blanket but due to the age of the boy (five) I wanted to make a fun one. I enlarged a pattern from La Maison Victors' plush animal book. The arms measure 42 cm across, so it really is a big animal and it is filled with four kilo rice. The wolf is a washable cover for a simple bag filled with rice.

My niece requested baby groot. I had no clue what she meant, but when I googled it I found a free tutorial. It turns out to be a character from a movie (that I had to watch of course and liked a lot).  I love how he turned out.

One of my friends are going to have a second child and they asked around if somebody knew somebody who could crochet them a monkey. I kind a jump up and started waving my arms (over facebook), me me me, I can do that. I slightly adapted an existing pattern.

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