Sunday, April 26, 2015

KCW day 7: Panda dress

I made it, I reached my personal goal. Make seven animal inspired clothes and post about them during KCW. You know you have a problem if you wake up on a Sunday at 7:00 h and think: "Lets get out now and quickly finish that dress before we are going swimming today". This was the last day of KCW so I can now get back to my usual sewing schedule without me pushing myself to finish something everyday. I know that I shouldn't have made a garment per day, but just have spend one day sewing, but I liked to challenge myself a bit more because I usually spend one hour a day on making clothes anyway.

When the contributors were announced on Facebook somebody challenged us to make a garment inspired by the animal that we were matched with. Mine was a panda and I took that challenge. I thought about what defined a panda and I thought about the contrasting white and black and the big belly. I translated that in a black and white bubble dress.

I started with the bubble dress pattern from Ottobre 6/2012. I flipped the curve in the bodice down, creating a "head"shaped bodice. I added arm shaped pockets and added black shoulder details to mimic the ears.

I slightly exaggerated the bubble effect by sewing a shirred elastic in the lining as well, as I learned for the Project run and Play challenge that Alida gave us.

I knitified the pattern again to avoid zippers. I used two T-shirts from my husband, one (the outer) barely worn because it itched a bit (my son gets his sensitive skin from his father). The lining is made from a frequently worn one, so my daughters skin is not exposed to the slightly itching one (in case you were wearing).

The arm holes are a bit big, but I like the dress a lot. I was surprised that my small one found the pockets by herself. I didn't make them deep because I assumed they would only be decorative. It seems that her next dress should also have serious pockets.

I love to hear what you think of my creations. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).  


  1. OMG! 7 stuks. Hoedje af zene. Ik ben al blij met mijn ene stuk binnen het thema :-)

    1. Normaal zou ik dat niet doen, maar ik vond het en extra uitdaging gezien ik dit seizoen een "contributor"ben deze keer ;)

  2. Wat een vrolijk meisje :) en wat heb je veel gemaakt! Met leuke resultaten

  3. Proficiat! 7 kledingstukken op 7 dagen is wel heel productief! Toffe panda!

  4. Ik werd zelf ook vrolijk van deze Panda

  5. Super leuke jurk, leuk dat panda idee! En wat staat ze leuk op de foto's :)

  6. Wat heb jij vele leuke dingen gemaakt

  7. Dit vind ik altijd een van de leukste modelletjes voor kleine meisjes, zo schattig (en wat een schatje ook ; )
    Ik zal vanavond (mijn enige) projectje af gaan maken ... : )

  8. Wow...7..... Ben al blij dat ik 2 stuks af heb ;) Maar het werkt wel aanstekelijk, dat gevoel dat je moet naaien en het vervolgens zoooo leuk vindt! Geweldig jurkje dit!

  9. Wat knap dat je zoveel stuks gemaakt heb! Deze vind ik trouwens echt superleuk gedaan!

  10. Jadadde!!!! Zo uniek en zo mooi!
    Jij komt elke keer opnieuw erg vernieuwend uit de hoek!

  11. Wat een productie draaide jij zeg! En heel origineel weer deze.