Thursday, October 6, 2016

Näh Connection Shop Blog Tour, my kind of twinning

I love the international sewing community. I started to sew, inspired by English language blogs. It wasn't until a few years later, that I realized there are many, many great Dutch language blogs as well. The fact that I myself love to read blogs from all over the world, made me want to have a blog in English.  Annika from Näh Connection had a similar story. She writes a blog both in English and German as a way to connect the German and English sewing world. This was not enough for her though. Therefore, she opened a digital pattern shop for which she translated English patterns to German. This still was not entrepreneurial enough, she now has also created the reverse. She has translated several German patterns to English. The English shop opened this week, and I was invited to be an ambassador. Today, I am showing you my first sews from the shop. The Bethioua from Elle Puls.

Although it had been a German pattern up until now, I knew it. I had seen it already at a few bloggers, like her, and I longed for it. I even made this shirt inspired by it. When Annika invited me to sew from the translated patterns, I immediately jumped on this one. I just love the back. The pattern comes both in woman and child version, so I decided to sew both.

I am not a huge fan of twinning, but sometimes it can be fun, this is one of those occasions. I sewed the two of us a blue Bethouia, with the same striped sleeve fabric, but different main fabrics. The fabric from my shirt was a Punti di Roma coupon that I bought at Textielstad. My son is wearing a Lillestoff sweat that I bought at Cas and Nina.

The Bethouia kids has been available for free in the mini size (86-98) in German, now the English version is available for size 104 up until 134. The woman pattern is available in a wide size range from 34-54. From size 44 and upward the pattern has darts. After measuring myself, I  turned out to have a 44 chest and 42 lower part. I therefore blended between the sizes.The sizes up until 42 are in another file than the ones of 44 and up. With a bit of glue, it worked out fine and. I really love my new shirt.

So if you also were dying to make a Bethioua, but did not dare to do it German. Or maybe you kind a missed the pattern, go and have a look at Annika's shop. Besides the Bethouia there are many more translated women, kids and bag patterns. Due to the shop opening, there's a discount. The more patterns you buy, the more you save, just use the following coupon codes:
buy1save10naehconnection for a 10% discount
buy2save20naehconnection for a 20% discount
buy3ormoresave30naehconnection for a 30% discount


  1. Uah, that is so cool. Love the last but one picture. So much emotion and love in it. Thanks for sewing such cool Bethiouas!

  2. I had so much fun sewing up both versions of the Bethioua too. Love your twinning, but not versions!

  3. Leuk zeg, twinnen met je zoon. Ik heb ook de bethioua gemaakt, in drievoud zelfs (mini, kid en adult). Nu alleen zorgen dat we fatsoenlijke foto's krijgen van ons drieën.