Sunday, October 2, 2016

Skippy skirt, (free) pattern release

I keep coming back to my sewing weekend group, but with very good reason. Now, the one that organized the weekend actually released her first FREE pattern, the Skippy skirt. So Popo made a pattern for a jersey skirt and even has different options. For the ones that know me, I of course was sold on the pockets, fully functional big pockets, every girl's dream.

The first option in the pattern is a skirt with kangaroo front pocket. I am usually from the unconventional fabric combi's but for this skirt I went for a rather plain one. The skirt has to be paired with something right, and that will usually be a more colorful top situation. The instructions ask you to iron the seam allowance inward before sewing the pocket on the front piece. I am not such good friends with my iron, so I serged the seam allowances. This way it was very easy to push them under (or iron them in place).

The second option is one with a hidden pocket. I have seen many versions with vertical piping and they looked great. Be sure to check out all the examples that will decorate So Popo's blog the coming days for the blog tour. The tour started yesterday en will last a few days. This skirt will really be a great combiner in her closet, dots go with everything right ;)

We had a lovely location for the shoot. I shot them the same day as the ones from my previous post, so I just realized you already got a super tiny sneak picture from the skirt earlier this week. While posing together, they remembered what they did last time, when they had pockets. Lately, I have been more efficient in my shoots, if I know I am going somewhere nice, I just redress them quickly.

To summarize, this lovely FREE skirt pattern is now available through the blog of So Popo. It is her first pattern, so let's all show how much we love it, by sewing a bunch. She has many more ideas in that creative head, and I am already looking forward to the next pattern.

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  1. Heel toffe rokjes!! Zo'n rustige stofjes zijn we van jou idd niet gewend 😉 Maar daarom niet minder mooi!! En gecombineerd met dat blauw ook super!!

  2. Superleuk! En mooie foto's ook!

  3. Heel erg leuke foto's én rokjes! Inderdaad minder 'gewaagd' qua stoffencombinatie, maar daarom niet minder mooi. Je ziet dat de zusjes gewend zijn om op de foto te gaan ;) Heel erg bedankt om te testen!

  4. Heel erg mooi! De herfst-rok is mijn favoriet! Die kleuren zijn gewoon perfect!

  5. Die foto waar ze in elkaars zakje tasten is zo leuk! De dametjes lijken hun rokjes ook helemaal geweldig te vinden. Daar ga je er nog van mogen (moeten) maken.