Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tic Tac Toe Release

Last week Suz from Sewpony released her newest pattern, the Tic Tac Toe dress, and today I am on the blog tour. Suz's patterns usually come with many options, and this is not an exception. It might actually be the one with the most options! The pattern has four (!) sleeves (and that is without the sleeveless version), three bodice options (one plain and two different color blockings), with or without contrasting pockets and optional collar, optional shoulder epaulettes and an optional waist tie. This means you could make your girl many dresses with this pattern without them looking the same.

I actually went for the sleeveless version with three way split bodice, shoulder epaulettes and tie. I decided on this recipe because I wanted a truly versatile dress. Sleeveless is great with bare arms (next year) but also very practical to have a shirt under (for now). Sewing sleeveless in the fall is also great size wise. Due to the extra layer underneath the dress can be a bit big now, and perfect in summer next year. The waist tie is also a very nice way to have some growth room (perfect for Christmas dinner). I usually go for a rather conservative skirt length when I sew the dress, this way, a year later the dress is still decent, this would be a great tunic as well though.

Four years ago my eldest got a deep blue dress with white details and waist tie. For two and half years that was her favorite dress, and then it was too small. My girl was longing for a new deep blue dress, so when the See You at Six collection appeared, I bought both deep blue fabrics. The first, the one actually best resembling fabric of her old favorite dress, I used for myself. The other, I used in this dress. The fabric has little colored triangles and one of the colors is grey. I used silver piping, which makes the grey triangles seem silver too. My daughter immediatly saw how this new dress looked like her old favorite, without me pointing it out to her.

The pattern is on a 10% release (until the end of the blog tour) sale with the code TICTACTOE10 in the Sewpony web shop. Enjoyed my dress, or just curious to see more versions? Make sure you check the other dresses on the tour. In the past I also sewed the Dear Prudence and Mis Polly, those are also great to add to your cart, while you are buying.


  1. Heel mooi en praktisch, echt een jurk om in te wonen :)

  2. I love your version so much! Thank you for all your help!

    1. Your welcome, already looking forward to your next pattern ;)

  3. Prachtig! Ze heeft gelijk dat blauw haar lievelingskleur is, want het staat haar super :-)

  4. Mooi! Ik ga die gestrikte versie toch ook eens maken, heel leuk!