Friday, December 9, 2016

Louis, Näh Connection Ambassador

My son needed some warm clothes and preferably some that he can wear at least one winter. When Annika announced she was releasing the English version of The Louis hoodie by Kibadoo, I jumped on the occasion. As ambasadaur I am allowed to sew up a version for the release and nNothing gets me motivated like a deadline. The Louis was released today, but I had misremembered the date. Therefore, today I sewed and shot pictures of the sweater in a about an hour total (I had already cut the pieces), and I ended up with a super happy son.

The pattern comes with a collar and hood option, optional kangaroo pocket and optional elbow patches, so several mix and match possibilities. I of course sewed the pocket, but left out the elbow patches. I made our Louis in a sweater fabric with a nice soft backside. I bought the fabric at Cas and Nina during our sewing weekend almost a year ago (we are almost going again, yeah!), so it was high time to use the fabric. I just did not have enough to cut all pieces. I needed to cut one hood in two pieces (I was really only missing a super small piece), the seam is hidden by the outer hood though, so really perfect fabric use I would say. 

The Louis has a comfy and casual fit and a big cosy hood.  My son isn't an easy model, when I asked him to pose for pictures this afternoon he, as usual replayed "no". When I showed him what I made he quickly changed his mind. He immediately took of the shirt he was wearing and when the soft inside of the hoodie touched his skin he became even more satisfied. He put his bear in the kangaroo pocket and could not have been happier. The deal with my kids is that they are only allowed to wear their new clothes after we make pictures. After the shoot, he therefore happily proclaimed he was not taking it off.

The pattern is now on 20% discount until Wednesday the 14th in the Näh Connection shop. Here and here you can find other Näh Connection Ambassador posts. 


  1. Groot gelijk heeft hij, de zoon, dat hij de sweater niet meer uit wil doen. Heel geslaagd !!

  2. Leuke sweater! Kocht het patroon ook net, samen met de mannenversie :-)

  3. Mooi! Ik ben fan van sweaters met zo'n grote overlap aan de kap <3