Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rockstar release

Harristar Designs has released a new Ladies pattern, the Rockstar (I tested another from them in January). A strappy top and dress with many variations in straps/back. During testing I made a top and a dress which are officially called the Stratocaster and Starcaster. The names come from Guitars, very suitable because of those strings, but for me very hard to disentangle (pun intended). So fortunately there are clear pictures with the names.

I first made the top and for that one I used the elastic option, but instead of making an outside casing, I used transparent elastic and sewed it on the inside. A small hack, very easy but it gives a different look. Both my dress and top have an integrated bra (parts included in the pattern). I did not make a picture from the internal bra, but just imagine a sportsbra with the neckline connected to the top of dress. I am very fond of my under wire bra's (but I seem to be one of the few), but I have to say that these garments are very comfortable without bra. I have not yet decided if I mind a visible bra strap but this way whatever I decide, I will be able to wear these garments often this summer.

I also made a dress and of course I added pockets, they are included in the pattern but I sewed them in a bit lower. For the dress I used the regular neckline, for the top the high one. I got the fabric from one of the sweet girls that go to the same sewing weekend (Joyce does not have blog so I can not link to her). I therefore have no clue about the origin of this fabric, but it is of very good quality. I cut the straps from a shirt that I got from my sister in law. This time I did not go for the elastic option, which may make the dress a bit less flattering. This dress is really super comfortable and I actually wore it three days in a row...

Due to the new relaese, there is a store wide sale of 40%! Which means you can also pick up the Dimo pack rather cheap. I have made two of them durig the sewing weekend, but I still have not managed to blog them. I am just showing them to you now, such that you can buy the pattern as well, I really love it and I would be sad if you did not realise how cool it is. I did show you one version of this pattern previously in this post.

I upcycled all the old dino clothes that I had to make this one. I cut the cute dinos applications from a baby shirt. I have mentioned it often already, that I bought patterns for the weekend due to its ability to handle scraps, and this Dimo pack is hardcore scrap sewing. The pattern includes a hood and many, many different color blocking options. You might have to take some time to study all the pieces, but all the pieces and seam allowances are included for all the color block options. DO not just print it all, first see which version you want to make.

In my daughter's version only the ribbing and masks were mine, all the other fabrics where from our "free pop fabric store". She donated three of those fabrics and the triangles were from An (also without blog). As I wrote before, the entire Harristar shop is on 40 % sale. The sale lasts until the 12th of June with the code RockInMommas40


  1. Zoals altijd weer erg leuk!! En wat BH's: als je gezegend bent met een redelijke voorgevel vind ik een BH met beugel toch altijd wel zo comfortabel. Met een goede zie je er ook meteen een stuk slanker uit! Heb zelf net de Gabrielle Skaterdressvan Seamwork dusdanig aan mij zelf aangepast dat ie fijn met BH gaat!

  2. Leuk!! Vooral de top vind ik jou erg mooi staan!

  3. Lijkt me een zalige zomerjurk!